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    ILL Pumps

    ILL Vertical Inline Pumps feature a space saving, back pull-out design which allows versatile applications in a wide range of industries. ANSI pumps meet the requirements of ANSI B73.2.

    IVP Pumps

    These pumps are designed to make the maintenance of the unit easier in every possible way, reducing down time and maintenance costs, and also ensuring prolonged life.
    The Ruhrpumpen IVP In-Line Pump design with both configurations, Split-Coupled and Close Coupled design. The IVP - CC Close Coupled pump has the feature of case and impeller Interchangeability with the IVP Split Coupled pump.

  • RUHRPUMPEN SPLIT CASE Double Volute Horizontal

    Horizontal Single Stage, Double Suction, Double Volute, Axially Split Case Pumps

    For fire services, cooling towers, municipal, oil process, petrochemical, sugar industry, paper industry, pipeline, power plants and other applications.

  • CPO Horizontal Process Pumps

    Horizontal Process Pump Single Stage: For petroleum, petrochemical, heavy-duty chemical, gas industry, power plants, utilities and others. Magnetic Driven OH2 pump also available.

    Horizontal Process Pump Multi Stage: For chemical industry, industrial, general service, power plants and other applications.

  • CRP-M MagDrive Horizontal Process Pumps

    The SCE-M is based on the worldwide proven hydraulic design of the SCE according to API 610 latest Edition. It is a permanent magnetic drive, single stage, over hung, built in accordance with the latest edition of API 685. As a 100% leakage free pump the SCE-M avoids high maintenance costs and usage of mechanical seals. It is the best option for taking care of the environment in completion to the API 610 pumps for the majority of applications in all refineries and petrochemical plants.

    The CRP-M pump range is equipped with a permanent magnetic drive in accordance with DIN EN 22858 and DIN EN ISO 15783 and strikes new paths especially for the design of the Journal Bearings, Internal Flows and Pressures, high efficiency Magnetic Drive System and Axial Thrust Balancing. The hydraulics of this pump range is designed to achieve high efficiencies and low NPSHr values.

  • PS Single Stage Horizontal Centrifugal Pumps

    The PS is a horizontal single stage centrifugal pump, designed mainly to handle up to 6% paper stock as well as water and other liquids found in all industrial, mining, steel, chemical and food process applications.

    • Single stage, horizontal centrifugal pump
    • Vertical split casing, foot mounted
    • End suction, vertical discharge on the center line
    • Clockwise rotation viewed from coupling end
    • Oil lubricated bearings
    • Flange connections
    • Back pull out allows ease of disassembly without disturbing piping
    • Wear plate is bolted at 3 points (easier to remove)
    • Provided at impeller suction side to protect casing against wear, Easily renewable in the field
    • Capacity up to 1,817 m3/h (8,000 gpm)
    • Head to 91 m (300 ft)
    • Pressure up to 10.6 kg/cm2(150 PSI)
    • Temperature To 144ºC (To 300ºF)
    • Speed from 740 to 1,420 min-1 (860 to 1,750 rpm)
    APPLICATIONS Suitable for up to 6% paper stock as well as water and other liquids found in all industrial applications, Mining, Steel, Chemical and food process applications.

  • Reciprocating Plunger Pumps 1

    The RDP range is a series of reciprocating plunger pumps, suitable for handling most liquids for the oil & gas and offshore markets. A variety of sizes are offered in Triplex and Quintuplex format and all are designed in accordance with the latest 3rd Edition of API674 and ISO13710.

    • Easy use/access service points to reducing maintenance time
    • Latest revised design for Low noise & vibrational characteristics
    • High duty efficiency
    • Extensive range capability
    • Design Life 20 Years
    • Can be manufactured to meet project specific specifications such as NORSOK, ASME, NACE, SHELL ES 135, GOSTK, GOSTR, GGTN and many more
    • Dampeners, Pressure Safety Valve and instrumentation can mount direct to Pump Head
    • Motor can mount direct to top of crankcase for compact offshore footprint
    • ATEX compliance
    • Condition monitoring
    • Various seal and power end Lubrication options
    • Diesel or Petrol Engine
    • Hydraulic Motor
    • Variable speed drive
    • Various transmission options including Gearbox/V-belt dives
    • Max. Capacity 366.5 m3/h / 1611.0 us gpm
    • Max. Discharge Pressure 1000 bar / 14500 psi
    • Temperature -40ºC up to 200ºC /-104ºF up to 392ºF
    • Max. Pump Speed 450 rpm
    • Pipe Size 25-200 mm (1-8"""")
    APPLICATIONS: Methanol Injection, Glycol Circulation, Reverse Osmosis (Seawater Desalination), Water Treatment, Production and Jetting, Hydrocarbon - Condensate, Closed Drain pumps, Slops Injection, Boiler Feed.

  • SHD Solids Handling Pumps

    The Ruhrpumpen Type SHD pump is a vertical or horizontal pump for solid handling. The vertically mounted pump that has a structurally sufficient base to support the pump, motor and accessories and the horizontally mounted pump is mounted on a common base plate with the driver. With a single impeller with a suction non-clog design and a single volute case, this is your best choice for solid handling.

    • Horizontal or Vertical
    • Single Stage
    • Enclosed impeller, non-clog design
    • End suction single volute style casing
    • For solids to 6 in
    • Bearings grease lubricated
    • One piece casting stuffing box
    • Capacity up to 2,275 m3/h (10,000 U.S. gpm)
    • Head up to 73 m (240 ft)
    • Discharge flange size 4"""" to 20""""
    • Maximum Pressure 10.3 bar (150 psi)
    • Temperature 0 to 120 ºC (32 to 248 ºF)
    APPLICATIONS: Water, Waste Water, River Water, Rain.

  • VLT/VMT Vertical Barrel Pumps

    The VMT is a vertical double casing type pump with a single or multistage bowl assembly contained in a suction barrel. By multi-staging series stages in the medium specific speed design range, the VMT provides outstanding efficiencies and low cost operation in high head applications. The special first stage allows operation with extremely low NPSH requirements while running at optimum speeds.

    The VLT is a vertical process pump of the ""double casing"" type as defined by API-610. By multi-staging series stages in the low and medium specific speed design range, the VLT provides outstanding efficiencies and low cost operation in high head applications. The special first stage allows operation with extremely low NPSH requirements while running at optimum speeds. Exclusive hydraulic and mechanical features provide continuing reliability with optimum performance.

  • PVT/TRT/LKT/SST Vertical Submersible Pumps

    The Ruhrpumpen PVT type is a vertical propeller submersible pump, only for clean water.

    The Ruhrpumpen type TRT is a vertical submersible pump with semi-axial impeller for installation in a steel tube or a concrete well suitable to pump clean and pre-cleaned fluids.

    The Ruhrpumpen LKT type is a mixed flow submersible pump.

    The Ruhrpumpen Type STT is a submersible pump with non-clogging and non-stringing two-channel impeller in pot design for vertical wet-pit or dry-pit installation and universal use, suitable for pumping sewage with coarse solid matter and fibrous content without upstream screen.

  • VSP Vertical Sump Pumps

    Sump Pumps are recirculation pumps with vertical immersion, open impeller type designed for corrosive wet pit applications. Volute type bowl.

    The VSP Chem is special for chemicals and corrosive substances.

  • HQ Vertical Circulator Multistage Pumps

    The HQ Vertical pumps consist of a bowl assembly, single stage or multistage, suspended on a discharge column from base plate at the Mounting floor. The length of the column is dictated by the application.

    The VTP pumps are normally designed to operate in wells or sumps. The bowl assembly consists primarily of a suction case or bell, one or more pump bowls, and a discharge case. The number of stages (bowls) employed is determined by the head requirements of the installation. The pump bowl assembly is positioned in the sump or well at a depth to provide the proper submergence.