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  • CRP-M MagDrive Horizontal Process Pumps

    The CRP-M pump range is equipped with a permanent magnetic drive in accordance with DIN EN 22858 and DIN EN ISO 15783 and strikes new paths especially for the design of the Journal Bearings, Internal Flows and Pressures, high efficiency Magnetic Drive System and Axial Thrust Balancing.

    The hydraulic of this pump range is designed to achieve high efficiencies and low NPSHr values. The CRP-M pump range consist of 35 hydraulics to meet almost all customer's requirements and is built with the latest engineering techniques and tools, such as 3D Modeling, Finite-Element Analysis and CFD-Simulation - Computational Fluid Dynamics - in order to assure our customers of the best product quality.

    • Horizontal, single stage
    • Radially Split
    • End-Top nozzle arrangement
    • Single suction impeller
    • Foot Mounted
    • Axial thrust balance
    • Spherical journal bearings
    • Internal flows and pressures
    • High efficiency magnetic drive system
    • Axial thrust balancing
    • 100% leakage free containment shell, self vented and fully drainable
    • Capacity up to 500 m3/h (2,200 U.S. gpm)
    • Head up to 215 m (705 ft)
    • Design Pressure 16 bar (232 psig)
    • Temperature -120 C (-184 F) to - 450 ºC (840 ºF)
    APPLICATIONS: Chemical and Petrochemical Industry, Tank farms, Liquid gas industry, Refrigeration and heat technology, Power plant technology, Galvano technique, Oil and Gas, Mining.

  • SCE-M API Process Pumps

    The SCE-M is based on the worldwide proven hydraulic design of the SCE according to API 610 latest Edition. It is a permanent magnetic drive, single stage, over hung, built in accordance with the latest edition of API 685.

    As a 100% leakage free pump the SCE-M avoids high maintenance costs and usage of mechanical seals. It is the best option for taking care of the environment in completion to the API 610 pumps for the majority of applications in all refineries and petrochemical plants.

    With over 130 hydraulic combinations available for the SCE-M pump, almost all customer requirements are met. Offering three different impellers for each pump size, this enhances performance and optimize efficiencies. Built with the latest engineering techniques and tools such as 3D Modeling and Finite-Element Analysis to assure our customers of the best product quality.

    Our manufacturing facilities are all ISO 9001 certified and are fully equipped with state of the art, sophisticated CNC machines.

    • Magnetic Driven
    • Horizontal overhung, Single Stage
    • Radially Split
    • Centerline Mounted
    • End-Top nozzle arrangement
    • Single suction impeller
    • Axial thrust balance
    • Materials of construction per API 685, Other materials on request
    • Heavy duty process design according to API 685 latest edition
    • Ring Oil Lubrication Other methods of Lubrication available
    • Replaceable front and back wear rings for casing and impeller
    • Journal bearings made of silicon carbide (SSiC)
    • Inducers for low NPSH available
    • Ceramic insulation and thermal barrier
    • 100% leakage free containment shell, self vented and fully drainable
    • Capacity up to 2,200 m3/h (9, 690 gpm)
    • Head up to 330 m (1,080 ft)
    • Flanges according to ASME B16.5 up to 300# (600# as an option)
    • Pressure up to 40 bar (580 psi)
    • Temperature -120 ºC to 450 ºC (-184 ºF to 840ºF
    APPLICATIONS: Petroleum Refining, Production and Distribution, Petrochemical, Refineries, Heavy-duty Chemical, Gas Industry Services, Power Plants, Utilities, General Industry, Automotive, Food Processing, Power generation, Water & Waste Treatment, Mining, Steel industry, Automotive, Agriculture, Tank Farm, Pulp and Paper, Chemical, Semiconductor, Food processing, Power generation, Pharmaceuticals, Water treatment, Paper Stock, Pipeline, General Industries, Textile, Mining.