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AMT Piston Drum pumps are offered in a variety of construction materials for dispensing most types of liquids and chemicals. Each model is available "Off-the- Shelf" for 24 hour shipment.

AMT Piston Hand pumps are designed for pumping liquids compatible with pump component materials.

Viton® and Teflon® are registered trademarks of E.I. DuPont

AMT Drum pumps are capable of handling compatible liquids with a maximum 5000 SSU viscosity at minimum 60ºF liquid temperature (Equivalent to SAE 40 motor oil). Warranty is void when used beyond compatibility and temperature shown for each product.

Polyethylene Drum pump handles many harsh liquids including many alkalies, chemicals, acids and solvents which are compatible with pump component materials.
Unit of Measure




Max. Temperature

N/A 158 ºF

Motor Speed

N/A 25 oz/stroke

Bung Adapter Size

N/A 2 in

Bung Adapter

N/A Yes

Discharge Port

N/A 1" NPT

Inlet Size

N/A 1 in

Outlet Size

N/A 1 in


N/A Polyethylene

Seal Material

N/A None

Shipping Weight

N/A 3 lbs

Model Number

N/A 5750-99

OTS Shipment

N/A 24 hr


N/A 3 Pound



  • All Polyethylene Construction with Stainless Steel Components
  • Maximum Temperature 158ºF
  • 25 oz. Per Stroke
  • 1" NPT Discharge Port
  • 2" Bung Adapter with Depth Adjustment up to 35"
  • Discharge Cap to Seal Liquid From Atmosphere
  • Self-priming (to 3 ft. Lift)
  • Ship Wt. 3 Lbs.


N/A AMT Piston Drum Pumps are available "Off-the-Shelf" for 24 hour shipment
Viton® and Teflon® are registered trademarks of E.I. DuPont