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Inline Pumps feature a space saving, back pull-out design which allows versatile applications in a wide range of industries. ANSI pumps meet the requirements of ANSI B73.2.

  • Top Pull-Out Simplifies Maintenance Complete rotating assembly easily removed for inspection without disturbing piping
  • Dual Purpose Jack Screws Built-in jack screws simplify removal and protect mechanical seal during disassembly
  • Protected Shaft One-piece shaft assures sustained positive alignment of complete pump-motor rotating element, eliminates couplings and minimizes shaft deflection
  • Casing - Flanged suction and discharge on common centerline. Integral one piece unit suitable for in-line or pedestal Mounting. Designed for working pressures up to 350 PSI with 1/8" corrosion allowance.
  • Bronze Impeller - Fully enclosed, balanced, one-piece design
  • Packing Box Cover - Unique through bolt design reduces stress on adapter attachment
  • Front Wear Rings on all models. Rear Wear Rings on certain models
  • Manual Vent Plug - To ensure positive Lubrication at start up
  • Packing Rings
  • Pressure Gauge tappings at suction and discharge flanges
  • Drain Plug
  • Bronze Motor Shaft Sleeve
  • Capacity up to 273 m³/h (1,200 U.S. GPM)
  • Head to 119 m (390 ft)
  • Pressure up to 24 bar (350 PSI)
  • Temperature To 177ºC (To 350ºF)

Depending on materials and size of the turbine; higher pressures or head are possible, please contact Ruhrpumpen.

APPLICATIONS: Chemical, Petrochemical, Petroleum, Coal, Fiber, Pulp and Paper, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical Fats and Oils, Soap, Paint, Automotive, Primary Metal.
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