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Gator Prime® is Thomas Pump & Machinery's Self Priming Pump Line. Gator Prime® self priming pumps are engineered for reliability, economical, trouble-free handling of liquids with solids. The Gator Prime® Self Priming solids handling pump model GP is available in pump sizes 2" thru 12" and handles solids up to 3". The Gator Prime® self priming, high pressure pump model GH is available in sizes 3" thru 6" and handles solids up to 1-1/4".

Gator Prime's® external impeller adjustment makes it easy to optimize your pump's efficiency. Throw away those difficult-to-use shims. Gator Prime® pumps include an innovative easy to use external shim-less impeller-to-wear plate adjustment. This adjustment is made without disturbing the piping and requires no special tools.

Gator Prime® pumps model GP & GH operate over a broad range of capacities and pressures and are used in markets such as:

  • Water
  • Wastewater
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Food and Beverage
  • Contractor de-watering
  • Self Priming Trash Pump

The Gator Prime® model GP and GH are also available in a variety of metallurgies which are offered to meet your specific application requirements.

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