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UET engineers solve your mixer problems using these retrofit components:
  • High efficiency Hydrofoil impellers up to 216″ in diameter
  • High torque shafting up to 50 feet in length
  • Heavy duty gearboxes rated up to 1000 HP
  • Mechanical seals designed to handle shaft runout up to 0.150″
  • Variable speed motors

UET uses retrofit technology to upgrade existing mixers to current “best available technology”, Although most mixers are built to last twenty years or more, technological advances make them out of date and less cost effective within five years. There have been significant technical advances in impellers, electronics, seals, metallurgy, and gearboxes. An application that required a 10 HP mixer to operate efficiently twenty years ago may only need 3 HP in order to achieve the same results today.


When a problem arises with a mixer it may only be necessary to address one component. If the turbine uses too much power, UET will retrofit the turbine. If the gearbox is worn out, UET will replace the gearbox. If the seal won’t stop leaking, UET will incorporate the correct seal design.

All UET retrofit equipment is guaranteed 100% for two years. Using this approach and utilizing the latest available technology, UET has successfully retrofitted mixers found in a wide range of industrial applications to “as new” condition.
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