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  • BLACOH SENTINEL Calibration Columns 1

    Calibration columns or cylinders give accurate calibration of chemical meter-metering pumps and enhance feed systems by verifying the fluid flow rate. They are offered in clear PVC or Borosilicate glass.


    • Calibration columns and cylinders determine pump flow rate for metering pumps quickly and easily
    • Enhance the performance of chemical feed systems
    • Easy to read measurements in milliliters/minute and gallons/hour
    • Robust construction of clear PVC and removable tops for cleaning

  • BLACOH Sentinel GaugeGuards


    SENTINEL Diaphragm Seals, also referred to as Gauge Guards, employ a chemically resistant diaphragm to effectively isolate process fluids from gauges and other system instrumentation. Without proper protection, process fluids regularly contaminate and damage in-line system instrumentation. The strength and durability of SENTINEL diaphragm seals isolate and protect all forms of system instrumentation from the hazards of corrosive process fluids.


    • Protects gauges and system instrumentation from process fluid contamination or corrosion.
    • Prevents erratic pressure surges and clogging due to solids in process fluids.
    • Protects gauges from freezing and slurries.
    • Ensures accuracy and reliability of pressure instrumentation when working with corrosive or solid-laden fluids.
    • Various gauge options and materials available.

  • BLACOH SENTINEL Pressure Valves

    SENTINEL Back Pressure Valves: Blacoh Back Pressure Valves prevent siphoning and varying rates of dosage from fluctuating downstream pressure by enacting positive discharge pressure in your metering pump system.

    SENTINEL Pressure Relief Valves: Blacoh Pressure Relief Valves operate when the system pressure raises above the set pressure of the valve to protect systems from damage due to blockages or excessive pressure situations.

    Features and Benefits:

    • CNC precision machined parts
    • Pressure rated to 150 PSI (350 PSI also available)
    • Cost efficient and reliable
    • Variety of materials available (Not all materials are available for all size valves. Contact us for details)
    • Anti-syphon protection
    • Optional air release and pressure gauge port on Back Pressure Valves
    • Optional right-angle, 3-port design on Pressure Relief Valves
    BSP connections available for some sizes in some models. Contact us for details.

  • BLACOH SENTINEL Injection Quills

    Blacoh SENTINEL Injection Quills are used to provide safe delivery of chemicals into pipelines. The quill end ensures the dispersion of the chemicals away from the pipe wall. The integral spring loaded check valve prevents backflow from the pressurized pipe if there is a break in the discharge piping. A union connection on the inlet allows for ease of installation and maintenance.

    • Available in PVC, CPVC, PVDF, PP, 316 Stainless Steel, and other materials upon request
    • Removable check valve seat
    • Union inlet w/ viton┬« or EPDM O-ring
    • Standard max pressures to 150 PSI
    • Temperatures to 500┬║ F
    • Inlet tubing connector options available
    • NPT or BSP process connections
    • Quill sizes: 0.5-2""
    • 4"" quill length standard with adders up to 8.5""