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  • Hose
  • SuperKlean D150S Series Duraflow Spray Nozzles

    SuperKlean spray nozzles are designed to be durable and ergonomic. They feature tough outer covers, ergonomic handles and triggers, replaceable parts and options such as spray wands and built-in temperature gauges. They come in a range of materials such as 316 SS, brass and aluminum.

  • SuperKlean 3600BM-S Hot & Cold Water Mixing Unit

    SuperKlean's high quality mixing units come in brass and stainless steel and are available for mixing hot/cold water or steam/cold water. Available temperature gauges, faucets and hose racks make these extremely versatile mixing units.

  • SuperKlean Steam Traps, Strainers and Valves

    SuperKlean makes reliable strainers, steam traps and ball valves for the most demanding conditions.