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    Typical applications serviced by the Advance pumps are laser coolers, filtration systems, de-ionized water transfer, waste water reclamation, pressure spray systems, fountains, plating chemical transfer and recirculation, fume scrubbers, pollution control equipment and transfer of chemical process fluids. The hydraulic wet end consists of only three major components: casing, impeller and a Mounting bracket. The impeller is directly attached to the motor shaft. From the various Mounting configurations to the impeller types to the hydraulic ranges, Advance can fit the bill without compromise.



    GENESYS B73lean™ Pump is in full compliance with the B73.1 standard. It is a more efficient alternative improving process performance and energy efficiency. It is a compatible replacement for ANSI/ASME 2-3-6 B73.1 pumps. B73lean™ design is interchangeable with the old B73 input/output envelope but with a smaller footprint. Standard Mounting, close coupled, direct back pull-out design eliminates alignment and calibration issues. Smooth, resin-rich thermoset surfaces, elegantly simple design and fewer components make it far more efficient than the old pumps. B73lean™ Less Waste is More Profit.



    Sequence® pumps are the leader in high efficiency, performance, and cost savings for water features, garden ponds, and Koi fish ponds. They are designed to operate efficiently over a wide range of flows and pressures. In larger systems, you can use two or more Sequence® pumps in parallel to multiply your flow. SEQUENCE can also be customized for saltwater use. These pumps operate quietly for installation near areas of relaxation and entertaining.

  • ValuFlo


    Economy with Efficiency: The Name of the Game!

    The people behind Valuflo pumps named the product line to reflect the stringent set of standards against which Valuflo performance is measured. Valuflo products were designed to achieve a unique level of economy - with high efficiency in a reliable, long-life pump. Valuflo products offer extremely LOW TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP.

    Valuflo products appeal to customers concerned about:

    • High efficiency - Inefficient pumps simply cost more to operate. Savings from efficient Valuflo pumps often more than pay the difference between Valuflo and other pumps.
    • Long life - It takes time, as well as extra money to replace a failing pump. Although we all expect products to outlive their warranty, length of warranty is an expression of manufacturer expectations about service life. Compare the length of product warranties, as if replacement is required at the end of the warranty.
    • Lower price - With designs based on the highest performance pumps in the industry, mated to solid commercial-duty motors, Valuflo products offer great throughput and extremely low total cost of ownership.

    The name of the game 15 Valuflo - for efficiency, for longevity. Valuflo is simply the best value! From the compact model 750 and workhorse model 1000, there is a pump for every application. All units are assembled and pre-tested in our Colorado manufacturing facility.

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    Impenatra® Seal

    The Impenatra® Seal is a patented design in mechanical seals and is available from Advance®. The Impenatra® seal is a radically new approach to solve many shaft sealing problems. When used with the Advance® line of pumps, it isolates all metallic parts from contact with the fluid.

    Alternately, corrosive chemicals require seals made of exotic alloys.

    What you get:

    • Unprecedented corrosion resistance, protects from attack by contained fluid and surrounding environment.
    • Easy to install, field adjustment not required.
    • Offers great versatility at an excellent price.
    • Reliability, due to simplicity of design and quality components.

    Technical Data: Seal Type – stationary spring, reverse mount. Maximum temperature 194 F

    Materials of construction:

    • Seal case – injection molded polypropylene
    • Seal face – carbon graphite resin, binderless graphite or silicon carbide
    • Seal seat – high purity ceramic or silicon carbide

    Corrosion Resistance: De-ionized Water, Ferrous Chloride 100%, Hydrochloric Acid 37%, Hypo Acid Fixing Baths, Nitric Acid 10%, Phosphoric Acid, Photographic Developers, Plating Solutions, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Hypochlorite, Sulfuric Acid (aerated), And much more…