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  • GEA Breconcherry Cleaning Technology

    GEA offers tank & vessel cleaning equipment for almost any size and shape. These include stationary and rotating spray balls, and rotating tank jets as well as automation and monitoring equipment. Tank cleaning technology from GEA reduces the cost, time, material and labor needed to clean/sanitize vessels and decreases downtime between process changeovers.

    Our cleaning equipment has been developed for sustainable practice, with special emphasis on saving valuable resources in the cleaning process.

    Whether using orbital, rotary or static, our cleaners achieve the best cleaning results in multiple industry sectors. Incorporating our systems into your production can help you to reduce production downtime, waste disposal costs, and water and detergent consumption.

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    We offer economical, flexible and service-oriented solutions:


    • Reduction in consumption of energy, water, and cleaning agents
    • Time and labor required for cleaning is minimized


    • Diverse range of orbital, rotating, and static cleaners
    • Customized cleaning solutions for many different kinds of applications and tank sizes
    • Various different spray patterns
    • ATEX-exempt and FDA-compliant
    • Different cleaning times possible


    • Tailored Engineering Support
    • Digital tools (e.g. 3D models)
    • Easy-to-maintain
    • Onsite cleaning tests

  • GEA VARICOVER Product Recovery Systems

    GEA manufactures Product Recovery Systems, otherwise known as pigging systems, for the food & beverage, sanitary, chemical, pharmaceutical and other markets. Featuring full or partial automation, accurate pig detection, up to 99% product recovery and reductions in CIP and effluent needs, Product Recovery Systems from GEA can reduce company's bottom line and reduce process/cleaning times dramatically. Contact us today for more information.

    VARICOVER® product recovery systems are designed for use in fully automatic operations with maximum cleaning demands. They are used to recover valuable products from pipelines - an important consideration to optimize the economic efficiency of a process system. Pigging pushes the product from the pipes and returns it to the production cycle. A VARICOVER® product recovery system usually comprises of a pig cleaning station, a pig catching station with propellant medium valves and a pig.