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  • Magna-Safe MST

    A sealless, leak-proof magdrive design that eliminates a mechanical seal and Lubrication system. Zero leakage means no product contamination, while providing operator safety.

    High Torque Mag-drive Mixers for Plant Production:

    • Temperature -100ºC to 350º C
    • Impellers for any process application
    • Motors can be electric, variable speed, air, or hydraulic
    • Available with speed sensors, tachometers, and power monitors
    • Available in most alloys, glass lining and coatings
    • Several bearing designs to suit most conditions
    • Sanitary features include: 15Ra Polish, All stainless drive, Tri-clamp ferrule
    • ATEX certified
    • And More...

  • Magna-Safe MSB

    Sterile Mixing Technology: We have eliminated all seals. The Mounting flanges are welded to the tank forming a 100% leak-proof design. The Magna-Safe mixer is cleaned in place (CIP) with the vessel.

    • Sanitary Mag-drive mixers
    • Free draining, open impeller with high flow, low shear blades
    • Electric and air motors to 5 Hp
    • All FDA, USDA, and USP approval materials
    • Independently tested for clean ability and particle shedding
    • Able to mix volumes to 30,000 liters
    • CIP/SIP sterilizable
    • Pure silicon carbide and PEEK bushings
    • Available with speed sensor and tachometers for variable speed
    • Dry running option
    • And More...

  • Magna-Safe MSS

    Prevent Product Contamination and Emissions

    The Magna-Safe mixer is designed to be Cleaned In Place (CIP) and can run dry. No other company provides a side entering design that is both 100% leak proof and sealless.

    • Sealless Construction Eliminates the Mechanical Seal
    • Absolutely Leak-Proof design
    • Prevents Product Contamination
    • No Maintenance required
    • Sterilizable
    • All FDA and USDA Approved Materials
    • And More...

  • Magna-Gard Sealless Small Scale Mixer

    For Continuous Flow Applications

    Sealless technology for continuous processes requiring inline blending or high shear, with all the features of the MST top entering mixer.

  • Magna-Gard Sealless Inline Mixer

    Laboratory & Pilot Scale Mag-drive Top Entering Mixers

    • Small Mounting Connections
    • Can be fitted to Glass vessels
    • Electric, variable speed, and air motors
    • Several impeller styles to suit most applications
    • High pressure capability to 3000 PSI
    • Available in most alloys, glass lining, and coatings
    • Suitable for volumes to 50 gallons
    • Sanitary features available including