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  • ACE Manufacturing Logo

    Ace Manufacturing's sanitary hoses are all FDA-compliant and specifically manufactured for Food, Beverage and Dairy, Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical and Bio-tech manufacturing markets. The Flex-Rite Hose line includes, sanitary hoses, pvc hoses, rubber hoses, silicon hoses and Teflon hoses.

    Seal-Rite Fittings and accessories also available.

  • AMT Logo

    AMT Pumps is a division of Gormann-Rupp Pumps. AMT Pumps offers a wide selection of industrial pumps including electrical pumps, engine driven centrifugal pumps, and diaphragm pumps. Most pumps are available for 24 hour shipment.

  • BIOMIST Logo


    The financial impact of foodborne illness and healthcare-acquired infections on our economy is staggering, not to mention the pain and suffering of the victims. Billions of dollars are lost to our economy from the consequences of uncontrolled pathogens.

    Microbes have shown a tenacious ability to adapt, re-adapt, survive and challenge human ingenuity. We are witnessing a slow realization among public-health experts and the general public that infectious diseases are back with a vengeance.

    Biomist offers proven power sanitizing products that are safe for people and safe for the environment. Our patented technology and proprietary formula help kill pathogens in environments where viruses and bacteria are negatively impacting businesses and brands while creating a tremendous financial burden on our healthcare system… and in many cases, costing human lives.


    Since 1976 BLACOH has been providing solutions for pump problems such as vibration, pressure fluctuation, rapid-wear pump components, noise, non-steady flow and more. These solutions improve pump efficiency as well as increasing the life of the pump and related components. BLACOH is the industry standard for dampening pulsations created by positive displacement pumps.

  • CURFLO Logo

    CURFLO is a subsidiary of Curry Supply Holdings Inc.

    CURFLO offers centrifugal ANSI pumps, centrifugal mud pumps and replacement parts & repair kits for both. Offering multiple materials of construction, shaft/shaft sleeve configurations, sizes and seal options

  • FBF Italia Logo

    Since 1987, FBF ITALIA has designed and manufactured high pressure homogenizers and positive displacement piston pumps. Our leadership and industry expertise are evidenced by a worldwide presence. We successfully serve over 125 countries through 23 authorized service and sales centers. Our customer commitment is further supported by the wear resistance of our components, and an effective service program. We are a key partner to engineering companies, process systems integrators, manufacturers and end users working in a variety of industries such as dairy, ice cream, food, beverage, chemical, cosmetics and pharmaceutical. The basis of our success is the direct relationship established between our company and our customers; a bond which continues to grow and evolve. Continuous innovation, strict quality controls and stress tests are just a few tenets of our philosophy which guarantee the high quality and reliability of our products.

    Our machines are engineered and manufactured with wear-resistant components, to ensure a long lifetime, reduce maintenance costs, increase efficiency, and significantly reduce the downtime associated with standard equipment breakdowns.

    , including X-Ray scanning of machined components, the continuous selection of special materials and the use of high quality OEM parts, ensure the manufacture of state-of-the-art machines. All the units manufactured are rigorously tested by skilled workers by subjecting the machines to actual working conditions over a 12 hours test cycle. Therefore, the machines do not require further calibration when integrated into the customer’s processing system.

    Our sales, service, and technical support in the United States and Canada includes strategic partners whom are a direct conduit to our customers. Our business philosophy is based upon establishing multiple regional centers that can efficiently meet customer needs in a timely manner. This includes sales support, service, repairs, and preventive maintenance needs. Our goal is to grow with the customer, become a problem-solver and a reliable partner. Our efforts are geared toward responding to all of customer’s needs and establishing a mutually beneficial relationship. Therefore, we recognize the importance of developing a service and repair network, as well as maintaining spare parts inventory. We believe that this service model will ensure the ongoing operations of our customer's plants and prevent downtime losses attributed to standard industrial homogenizers.

  • FLUX Pumps Logo

    Flux Pumps are best known for producing quality barrel pumps. Flux also provides solutions for liquid movement including: transferring, emptying, circulating, mixing and dosing.


    GEA is one of the largest suppliers of process technology for the food industry and a wide range of other industries.

    Tank & Vessel Cleaning Equipment for almost any size and shape. These include stationary and rotating spray balls, and rotating tank jets as well as automation and monitoring equipment. GEA also manufactures.

    Product Recovery Systems
    , otherwise known as pigging systems, for the food & beverage, sanitary, chemical, pharmaceutical and other markets. Featuring full or partial automation, accurate pig detection, up to 99% product recovery and reductions in CIP and effluent needs.

  • GRACO Inc Logo

    Graco Inc. manufactures industrial and sanitary pumps and systems for process applications. Familiar Graco Pumps brands are Husky pumps, Saniforce pumps and Triton pumps. Graco Pumps are known for moving extremely high viscosity fluids. Pump high viscosity fluids like carmel or even pump peanut butter!

  • Hidrostal LOGO

    Hidrostal's Screw Centrifugal Pump's low shear impellers are ideally suited to the delicate transfer of fruits and vegetables, fish (even live), delicate crystals, and more. Yet it's unrivalled solids handling capabilities offer optimum movement of effluent and wastewater, slurries and sumps.

    Hidrostal's range of screw centrifugal pumps is ideally suited to a broad range of industries. Water and Wastewater solutions are just the beginning. We can handle your needs from A to Z. If your product is Apples or Zucchinis, Springer Pumps can specify a Hidrostal to pump it and everything in between.

    Be it food or fish, paper or petrochemicals, oil or olives, whatever your sector Hidrostal's high quality pumps and pumping systems can benefit your business.

    • Aquaculture
    • Brewing
    • Civil Engineering
    • Construction
    • Food Processing
    • Paper
    • Petrochemical
    • Oil and gas
    • Sugar refining
    • And More!

    A truly NON-CLOG pump! The Hidrostal is not a traditional non-clog pump, but actually a hybrid that utilizes the best features of a positive displacement type screw pump - crossed with a single vane centrifugal pump. This combination provides an unmatched performance of effectiveness & efficiency.

  • Glen Dimplex Thermal Solutions LOGO

    The Koolant Koolers chiller is best known for its trusted standard and custom cooling solutions for the machine tool, food processing and packaging, and medical diagnostic imaging markets.

    Manufactured in Kalamazoo, Michigan since 1952, the Koolant Koolers industrial grade equipment performs reliable and consistently under the most extreme conditions. The Dimplex Thermal Solutions engineering and production teams design and build the Koolant Koolers chiller with heavy-duty construction, reliable components and quality workmanship that cements the Koolant Koolers brand reputation in the industry.

    The product selection ranges from 1/8 ton units to over 500 tons of cooling, with designs to integrate with your application or act as a standalone unit, providing continuous heat transfer of your downtime sensitive applications.

  • INOXPA Logo

    Founded in Banyoles, Spain, INOXPA is a renowned and long-standing business group specialized in the manufacture and sale of stainless steel fluid handling components and equipment, management of processes and services in the food-processing, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Its commitment to innovation and continuous improvement has allowed INOXPA to enter the global market without compromising its product quality or customer relations.

  • Liquiflo Logo

    Liquiflo Pumps manufactures gear pumps and centrifugal pumps specifically for the chemical processing industry. Liquiflo manufactures pumps from a large selection of corrosion resistant internal construct materials with multiple sealing options.

  • Magna-Safe Logo

    Think Magna-Safe when you want to prevent hazardous vapor emissions. Think Magna-Safe when you want to prevent product contamination.

    Sealless Design, 100% Leak-proof: The primary advantages of our sealless design are to eliminate vapor leakage and prevent product contamination, and enhance operator safety. Our magnetic drive eliminates the need for mechanical seals, resulting in less costly maintenance, fewer spare parts, and decreased downtime.

    Environmentally safe: No emissions mean you are doing your part to protect your environment.

  • MasoSine CERTA LOGO

    The Watson-Marlow MasoSine pump is a highly reliable and economical Positive Displacement Pump for sanitary and industrial applications. Our exclusive sinusoidal rotor overcomes the limitations of conventional rotary lobe pumps to produce powerful suction with low shear, low pulsation, and gentle handling…all with simple and fast maintenance and 3-A certification.

  • White and Gold Logo

    American Made Bowpeller and Flexible Impeller Pumps from McFinn Technologies

    McFinn Technologies develops innovative pumps for the food, dairy, wine, brewery and distilling markets and currently holds two U.S. patent for innovative low shear centrifugal pumps and three registered trademarks.

    In addition, McFinn is a 3-A Sanitary Standards holder for three product lines; "Pumps, 3-A standard 02-10; Valves, 3-A standard 53-06; Hose Assemblies, 3-A standard 62-02."

    Pumps featuring unique and patented design features that are ideal for the brewery industry.

    The Bowpeller has demonstrated lower dissolved oxygen levels then compared with standard centrifugal pumps. In addition, the Bowpeller provides longer seal life, no air locking or binding, and no cavitation.

  • MDM Logo

    Multi-Duti Manufacturing, Inc. (MDM) has intensely cultivated its SEQUENCE® and ADVANCE brand names since 1978. The names have come to mean high quality and innovation at a reasonable price within several pump market segments; Industrial, Commercial and Consumer. Recently, the additional trademarks VALUFLO®, SEQUEL® and GENESYS® are testament to an ongoing commitment to product development

  • Nomad Logo

    NOMAD provides state of the art after-market parts that fit Wilden® Pumps, ARO® Pumps, Yamada® Pumps, Dorr-Oliver® Pumps, and Almatec® Pumps. NOMAD® is a product brand of JDA GLOBAL PUMP LLC.

  • Pumper Parts Logo

    Replacement Pump Parts and Repair Kits for ARO Pumps, Wilden Pumps & Yamada Pumps. Pumper Parts fit Air-Operated Double Diaphragm (AODD) pumps, including Wilden®, ARO®, and Yamada®. Recognized as the industry leader in AODD repair parts, Pumper Parts offers an expanding product line to meet your needs. Most parts are sold at 20% below the manufacturers' list price.

    Please Note: Effective January 1, 2017, Pumper Parts has been discontinued.
    A replacement may be found by:

    • Searching for or browsing to the desired Pumper Part for replacement links or more information
    • Contacting us for assistance
    • Or browsing here for a possible alternative

  • Q-Pumps Logo Square

    Q-Pumps has been manufacturing sanitary pumping equipment for more than 40 countries.

    Proudly Made in Mexico

    As new technologies emerge, the need to streamline processes grows along with the need to generate greater productivity. This is why at Q-Pumps we seek to improve pumping systems in the production processes of multiple companies worldwide.

    Our products hold certificates (FDA, 3A, EHEDG) needed to ensure our customers we are providing a high-quality product, making Q-Pumps one of the top producers of centrifugal and positive displacement pumps worldwide.

    Generate trust and well-being through efficient solutions.

    Keep on being a global leader company in the development, manufacture and merchandising of sanitary pumps with the highest quality, capable of satisfying the needs of our customers through technology and performance of our highly skilled staff, which makes us the world-renowned pumping experts.

    In Q-Pumps our commitment is to maintain ourselves as the best supplier for all our clients by applying continuous improvement throughout the company to meet your needs with an excellent product and service.

  • RamParts Pumps LOGO

    The rugged construction and extra-thick pump casing of Ramparts air driven diaphragm pumps stand up to the abuses of the most demanding sludge and slurry applications. They overcome the “high-wear” problem commonly found in double diaphragm and progressive cavity pumps. Air Driven Diaphragm pumps are capable of operating dry on suction lifts up to 20 feet (6.5 m) and handling liquids with solid contents up to approximately 70%. Depending on pump model, they will pass up to 3" (76 mm) diameter spherical solids. (Solids size is determined by check valve type.) Pump stroke rate, discharge stroke time, suction drive pressure and discharge drive pressure can all be adjusted independently. Pumps will easily handle heavy sludge's at their rate of accumulation in clarifiers and settling basins. When it comes to handling heavy sludge's and slurries, there’s only one name you need to know—Ramparts Pumps.

  • Remote Control Tech Logo

    Remote Control Technology is a leader in innovative applications of wireless Radio Frequency (RF) remote control and telemetry devices. Remote Control Technology manufactures wireless switching and telemetry devices to meet many diverse customer requirements in a timely and cost-effective manner.


    RUHRPUMPEN manufactures a range of quality centrifugal and reciprocating pumps. The pumps are ideal for Oil & Gas, Chemical, Power, Industrial Applications, Water and Mining. RUHRPUMPEN supplies pumps that meet demanding quality and industry specifications such as API, ANSI and Hydraulic Institute Standards. With it's vertical integration RUHRPUMPEN has a foundry, machine shop, pump manufacturing plants and service centers. This allows them to quickly and efficiently meet customers demands and respond to market changes quickly. Product Range Includes: Horizontal Centrifugal Pumps, Single and Multi-stage Split Case, Double Volute, Double Suction, Vertical In-Line Pumps, Split Coupled and Close Coupled, Vertical Turbine/Barrel Pumps, and MANY MORE...

  • Springer Parts Logo

    Replacement Pump Parts Distributor

    Finding and sourcing industrial pump parts can be a challenge. That's where Springer Pumps comes in. We specialize in sourcing high-performance OEM-quality parts from popular brands and manufacturers. Our team can help you manage the challenge of maintaining your pump equipment and minimizing unscheduled downtime due to repair and part replacement delays. Many of our replacement options meet stringent quality standards comparable to OEMs, but at a substantial 20-40% discount compared to typical prices.

    We carry both routine maintenance parts and long-life replacement components. We have close ties to OEM part suppliers for many major pump brands, so we can have the part you need in your hands quickly. We supply pump parts for the following industries:

    • Ceramics
    • Chemical processing
    • Construction
    • Food and beverage
    • Marine
    • Mining
    • Oil and gas
    • Paints, inks, and coatings
    • Personal care
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Pulp and paper
    • Wastewater management

    Replacement Mechanical Seals and Pump Rebuild Kits

    Springer Pumps can help you select the mechanical seals and rebuild kits your facility needs to keep your pumps performing optimally. Our inventory includes OEM and aftermarket OEM-quality selections for the following parts:

    • Air valve spools
    • Balls
    • Bearings
    • Diaphragms
    • Gaskets
    • Mechanical seals
    • Oil seals and grease seals
    • Pilot spools
    • Rebuild kits
    • Seats
    • Sleeves

    While the pumps themselves are typically made of a strong metal, many smaller replaceable parts are made of durable elastomers designed to provide a tight seal or flexible operation. As a result, pump components are constructed from a broad range of materials, all of which are familiar territory for Springer:

    • Aluminum
    • Cast iron
    • Stainless steel
    • Polyethylene
    • Polypropylene

    We're proud to provide high-quality parts from the following pump system and component suppliers:

    • Allis-Chalmers Pumps, which specializes in centrifugal pumps and split-case pumps. Their parts include impellers, wear plates, shafts, and more.
    • Armstrong Pumps, who specializes in in-line circulator pumps, re-circulation pumps, and one- to three-speed circulators. 
    • Aurora Pumps, which carries a wide variety of centrifugal pumps and pump components for commercial, industrial, marine, and fire suppression systems. 
    • Bell & Gossett Pumps, a leading provider of heat exchangers, pumps, and valves. They specialize in HVAC, plumbing, and wastewater systems. 
    • Berkeley Pumps, a manufacturer of Type C centrifugal pumps, BVM vertical multi-stage pumps, and water system repair parts and kits.
    • Burks Pumps, a provider of industrial parts, repair kits, centrifugal pumps, and turbine pumps.
    • Carver Pumps, a manufacturer of centrifugal pumps, multistage pumps, axial split case pumps, and self-priming pumps. 
    • Clow Pumps, a waterworks supply company under the McWane family of companies.
    • Crane Deming Pumps, which specializes in wastewater pump systems and parts.
    • Fairbanks Pumps, a provider of Pentair Fairbanks vertical turbine pumps for applications that need adjustable flow rates.
    • Morse Pumps, a company with more than 100 years of marine engine and pump system experience.
    • Gardner Denver Pumps, which specializes in petroleum and mud pumps.
    • Gorman-Rupp Pumps, a manufacturer of pumps for municipal systems, water and wastewater management, petroleum, and more.
    • Goulds Pumps, a provider of pumps for industries such as mining, pulp and paper, and chemical processing. 
    • Gusher Pumps, a company that specializes in vortex and coolant pumps.
    • Hydromatic Pumps, a manufacturer of submersible solids-handling pumps and grinder pumps
    • Ingersoll Rand Pumps, which manufactures a wide range of products, including ARO pumps and material handling systems.
    • Marlow Pumps, a specialist in centrifugal pumps for commercial pools and parks.
    • Mission Pump, a manufacturer of centrifugal pumps—including the Magnum pump with an open impeller design.
    • Myers Pumps, which specializes in sump and sewage pumps for residential and commercial markets.
    • Paco Pumps, a provider of centrifugal and multi-stage pumps.
    • Peerless Pumps, one of the largest vertical pump manufacturers in the world.
    • Roper Pumps, a specialist in positive displacement pumps—such as gear pumps and progressive cavity pumps—for extreme or hazardous environments.
    • Scot Pump, a Wilo company that offers centrifugal marine and industrial pumps.
    • Sta-Rite Pumps, a provider of water storage systems and water pumps.
    • Taco Comfort Solutions, a specialist in heating systems and high-efficient commercial pumps.
    • Viking Pumps, which has been providing commercial and industrial pump systems for over 100 years.
    • Weil Pump, a Wilo company that manufacturers centrifugal pumps.
    • Weinman Pumps, a provider of end-section pumps and general-purpose centrifugal pumps.
    • Worthington Pumps, which has a wide selection of commercial and industrial process pumps.

    For more comprehensive rebuilds, we also carry OEM-quality rebuild kits designed to maximize durability. These kits support HVAC, industrial, submersible, and other pumps, including obsolete designs no longer supported by the OEM.

    Most of our kits include seals with carbons upgraded to P-66, facilitating pump function. For more heavy-duty applications, we can accommodate further upgrades to support high-temperature, abrasive, or corrosive environments.

    Replacement Maintenance Parts for Food, Beverage, Dairy, and Pharmaceutical Process Industries 

    Springer Pumps specializes in sourcing standard and hard-to-find process equipment components. We maintain an extensive in-house inventory and can source most unique orders from OEM suppliers. We provide the following parts for equipment in the food and beverage, dairy, and pharmaceutical industries:

    • Air valve spools
    • Balls
    • Bearings
    • Diaphragms
    • Gaskets
    • Mechanical seals
    • Oil seals and grease seals
    • Pilot spools
    • Rebuild kits
    • Seats
    • Sleeves

    We supply replacement parts from the following equipment brands:

    • Alfa Laval
    • AMPCO
    • APV
    • Aqua-Chem
    • Bell & Gossett
    • Cherry-Burrell
    • Durco
    • Evergreen
    • Flowtech
    • Fristam
    • Gram
    • G&H
    • Hilge
    • LC Thomsen
    • Sudmo
    • Tri-Clover
    • Tuchenhagen
    • Waukesha

    Our selection of rotors and valve stems feature 3A-certified elastomers. This sanitary standard complies with FSA CFR21.177.2600, and the elastomers only contain permitted materials as the base of the polymer and the chemical additives from the finishing process. The parts also feature 316L stainless steel seal shafts, as applicable. 316L stainless steel contains less carbon than 316 stainless steel, making it more resistant to weld corrosion

    This steel can better handle high-temperature and high-corrosion applications, or environments typically suited to general marine-grade steel.  To ensure better product life, our inventory of parts has BUNA, EPDM, and FKM compounds, as well as metal-detectable material options. When rubber material properly bonds to metal cores, it mitigates any risk of ballooning. This extends their usefulness and maintains their performance throughout the life of the products. 

    Do You Need a Different Brand?

    Springer Pumps works with a wide variety of parts suppliers and original equipment manufacturers. If you don't see the brand you need in the list above or on our site, that doesn’t mean we can’t source the parts you need. Contact our customer service team and we can let you know if we have the specific brand or part you're looking for.

    Industrial Pump Styles

    Different facilities rely on a variety of industrial pump systems—Springer Pumps carries parts for each of them. Some of the most common pump styles include the following:

    Centrifugal Pump

    Centrifugal pumps increase the velocity of fluids within a pump system to increase the pressure. This increased pressure pushes fluid through the system so liquid can continue to circulate or be separated from cutwater. They offer low-cost fluid movement for low-viscosity fluids and can be even more advantageous for environments with large flows like wastewater management stations.

    Gear Pumps

    Gear pumps are a type of positive displacement pump. They come in internal gear and external gear varieties. Positive displacement pumps move fluid by filling the pump and trapping liquid within the cavities of its rotating gears, moving it, and then forcing the fluid out with enough force or pressure to maintain fluid movement. Gear pumps are ideal for most chemical processing pump systems. They are ideal for low-flow systems or precise metering applications.

    Progressive Cavity Pumps

    Progressive cavity pumps are single-rotor, positive displacement pumps. The rotor turns inside of the pump's elastomeric stator to move fluid through the cavities. These pumps can handle both low-viscosity and high-viscosity fluids, and they come in sanitary varieties for specialized industrial facilities. They work best in the following applications:

    • Handling viscous fluids, adhesives, and caulk
    • Moving municipal, industrial, and sludge-based waste
    • Processing pulp or thick dairy liquids such as yogurt

    AODD Pumps

    Springer works with Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm (AODD) pumps, which are common in transfer applications and require components that can hold up to particulate matter and harsh chemicals. AODD pumps are typically used to transport:

    • Sludges
    • Slurries
    • Abrasive fluids
    • Shear sensitive fluids

    While many industries rely on AODDs for these sorts of applications, some facilities use AODDs more heavily than others. We frequently provide service and replacement parts to the following industries:

    • Chemicals
    • Food processing
    • Paints
    • Electronics
    • Mining

    Springer Pumps: Replacement Parts for All Major OEMs

    Many aftermarket part distributors fail to meet the quality standards upheld by OEMs. We don’t sacrifice part quality to generate savings, but instead draw on our expertise and capabilities as a global distributor to offer the same quality parts at a reduced cost. Aside from rebuild kits and pump parts, we also provide:

    • Mixer replacement parts
    • Mechanical seals 
    • Valve replacement parts
    • Heat exchanger parts
    • Homogenizer replacement parts

    Springer also works hard to optimize the entire buying experience. We can ship most parts within 5-6 business days, but we also understand that some malfunctions need to be repaired faster. In these cases, we offer world-wide rush shipping to ensure your pumps are up and running as quickly as possible.

    Contact us or request a quote today to place an order for high-quality replacement parts and repair kits from Springer Pumps. Our team is here to help you repair your facility's pump system with long-lasting parts that offer optimal performance.

    Replacement Pump Parts Distributor

  • SuperKlean Logo

    SuperKlean manufactures high quality products, including a complete line of variable spray nozzles, hot and cold water mixer-hose stations, steam and cold water mixer-hose stations, hoses, and accessories.

  • TEA Logo

    TEA designs and manufactures equipment for efficient use and reuse of wastewater, energy, and heat. The company has served numerous commercial industries since 1977 – including the international laundry and textile industry.

    TEA's products are built strong – using stainless steel for many components – and include remote control monitoring on key devices.

    TEA's goal is to help its customers maximize profits by increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of water and energy use through recycling.

    We Provide:

    • Wastewater recycling, treatment and reuse systems
    • High-efficiency wastewater heat recovery and filtration systems
    • High-efficiency direct contact water heating
    • Ceramic element filtration systems
    • Shaker Screen – round vibratory separators for wet & dry particle separation
    • Stainless steel tanks for liquid & dry materials storage
    • Pumping Packages

  • Thomas Pump and Machinery Logo

    Thomas Pump & Machinery manufactures several different pumps, including:

    • T-GTO® and T-GTO XD®: Reliable Pitot tube, high-pressure pumps.
    • T-PRIME: Self-Priming Pumps for solids laden fluids.
    • T-JET: Multistage centrifugal pumps
    • T-VAC: Vacuum pumps which include 904 Series, CL Series and SL Series liquid ring type vacuum pumps.

  • UET Logo Short

    United Equipment Technologies (UET) engineers solutions to fluid mixing problems; designing and manufacturing a full line of high quality mixing products. Established in 1989, UET offers its services and products to the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, paper, mineral, and water treatment markets. Our core competency is our engineering expertise and outstanding ability to properly apply the appropriate mixer to solve a mixing problem.

  • Warren Rupp Sandpiper Logo

    Warren Rupp is a leader in producing high quality Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps (AOD & AODD Pumps). Sandpiper Pumps, Versa Matic, Marathon and Blagdon are all Warren Rupp's pump lines.

  • Watson-Marlow Fluid Technologies Group LOGO

    Watson-Marlow Pump Group manufactures peristaltic pumps, tube and hose pumps, sine pumps, liquid filling and OEM pumps.

  • Whirling International Logo

    Whirling International is a manufacturer of Progressive Cavity Pumps and Universal Parts located in Northern New Jersey. The products are not only ideal for new applications, but also plug and play replacements for almost all PCP manufacturers. In addition, almost all parts offered are universal and are available for replacement in most PCP’s.

    Located in South America, Whirling’s main production facility has been designing and producing Progressive Cavity Pumps for 3 generations and have marketed them throughout the Americas and Europe. Whirling follows the strictest quality control standards and provides outstanding support to all areas of the world. Now we are addressing the North American market from our NJ facility by offering complete sales and service support locally. Our facility stocks many of the pumps and a large inventory of parts. In addition, we have the capability to make modifications and provide custom pump designs.

    Quality, Pricing and delivery continue to be our focus in meeting our customers' needs.