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  • FLUX 959-07-003

    With union nut G 1 1/4 for direct Mounting onto the pump outlet in order to allow the filling of adjacent containers and tanks.

  • FLUX 001-10-601

    To securely fasten the pump in open containers or barrels.

  • FLUX 001-15-005

    To suspend the pump into open containers.

  • FLUX 947-14-021

    Mounting Flange according to DIN 2501 for stationary installation of the barrel pump. The flange is welded onto the outer tube of the pump.

  • FLUX 001-14-054
  • FLUX 001-21-000



    With infinitely adjustable load balancer for easy lifting and positioning of the pump.

  • FLUX 001-10-200

    For Mounting on the pump suction to protect the pump against coarse impurities.

  • FLUX 430-11-193 Pump

    In aluminum alloy, stainless steel or polypropylene. Replaces the outer tube when using a barrel pump type F 430 as a mixer.

  • FLUX 001-10-422

    For secure storage of the pump when not in use.

  • FLUX 959-14-029
  • FLUX 001-16-021
  • FLUX 001-18-027

    Connection thread G 1 1/2- G 1 1/2 A for direct Mounting onto the outlet of high viscosity liquid pumps F 550.