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  • Bredel APEX 20 Hose Pump

    The newly expanded range of APEX hose pumps is ideal for aggressive and abrasive applications up to 8bar. With their seal-less, valve-less design, APEX pumps are engineered for a more competitive price/performance ratio vs high pressure hose pumps. Designed to suit all dosing, metering and transfer applications with unmatched flow stability from 0.7-1,640 gal/hr (2.8-6,200 l/hr), the APEX 10, 15, 20. 28 and 35mm pumps offer users these important benefits:

    • Seal-less, valve-less design: Affordable, accurate and reliable. Engineered for a more competitive price/performance. Reduced cost of ownership compared to other PD pumps.
    • Increased process uptime: Precision machined hose elements for accurate, repeatable performance. Visual verification of correct hose loading. Optimized hose compression for unmatched flow stability.
    • Long service intervals: The hose element is the only component to wear. Hose element can be replaced in-situ quickly and easily in minutes. Direct-coupled drive and maximum flexibility. No separate couplings to align or maintain.
    • Lower maintenance costs: More flow per revolution and long lasting hose elements. Single component change means fewer spare parts inventory. Shorter maintenance times compared to other pump types.