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  • GEA VARICOVER Product Recovery Systems

    GEA manufactures Product Recovery Systems, otherwise known as pigging systems, for the food & beverage, sanitary, chemical, pharmaceutical and other markets. Featuring full or partial automation, accurate pig detection, up to 99% product recovery and reductions in CIP and effluent needs, Product Recovery Systems from GEA can reduce company's bottom line and reduce process/cleaning times dramatically. Contact us today for more information.

    VARICOVER® product recovery systems are designed for use in fully automatic operations with maximum cleaning demands. They are used to recover valuable products from pipelines - an important consideration to optimize the economic efficiency of a process system. Pigging pushes the product from the pipes and returns it to the production cycle. A VARICOVER® product recovery system usually comprises of a pig cleaning station, a pig catching station with propellant medium valves and a pig.