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  • Thomas Pump GTO GATOR Pump

    GTO GATOR pumps are Heavy-Duty, oil lubricated Pitot tube pumps designed for critical applications. They are the most reliable high-pressure pump type in the marketplace. Generating high pressure at low flow rates while being hydraulically stable. Pitot tube pumps produce stable, pulsation free flow.

    The GTO GATOR® is a heavy duty oil lubricated Pitot tube pump designed for critical applications making it the most reliable high-pressure pump in the marketplace.

    With a full range of capacities from 30-400 GPM (6-100 m3hr) and pressures reaching 1600-psi (110 bar) the GTO GATOR® offers a variety of pump choices. A robust power frame, features that include only two basic working parts: 1) a rotating case and 2) a stationary pick-up tube, and a mechanical seal that only seals against suction pressure, ensure pump reliability in the most demanding applications.

    Unlike conventional centrifugal and piston pumps that have a narrow window of operating performance, the GTO GATOR® can operate at any point on the performance curve pulsation free and hydraulically stable resulting in years of trouble free service.

    Features & Benefits:

    • Inpro® Labyrinth Oil Seals
    • Large Sight Glass
    • Powder Coated Oil Sump Lining
    • Magnetic Drain Plugs
    • Heavy-Duty Shaft Bearings
    • Monitoring Locations for Bearing Temp & Vibrations
    • Powder Coated Power Frame