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  • Pump N Mixer

    Three Operations
    Mixing, Pumping Only or Mixing & Pumping Simultaneously
    The FLUX Pump-N-Mixer allows you to either pump, mix, or pump and mix simultaneously.

    The F426 eliminates the need for a separate drum mixer when the contents of the container must be thoroughly mixed before they can be pumped out. Both mixing and pumping can be performed with the same unit, the FLUX unique lever action design allows the user to perform several functions with the turn of a lever.

    This unit is available in Stainless Steel and also Polypropylene, and can be used with any of the FLUX motors subject to application.

    Note: When using the drum pump as a mixing pump there is a risk-as in all circulation operations with electrically non-conductive liquids-that the circulated liquid (especially when it contains a high percentage of non-dissolved solid or liquid particles in suspension) will be charged electrostatically.

    Please make sure that any ignition risk will be eliminated before commencing mixing operation.