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  • MasoSine MR Pump

    High-Temperature Pumping: The MasoSine MR's heat-retaining (or heat-excluding) jacket allows the pump to reach the duty fluid temperature rapidly, and stay there. A heat-retaining front cover is available. This model is for high-throughput sanitary pumps up to 150 psi pressure. MasoSine pumps have one shaft and therefore one seal, unlike regular two-shaft rotary lobe pumps that require two seals. The standard seal is a triple lip seal design, which is ideal for most food and beverage applications. Mechanical seal systems are available on request for applications where CIP is a requirement. MasoSine pumps are supplied as standard with Tri-Clamp connections. I-Line, SMS and ANSI flanges are available on request. Customized ports can also be supplied. MasoSine pump ports are orientated 90 degrees apart. They may be fitted in 45-degree incremental positions to fit your exact piping requirements. MasoSine MR pumps may be operated clockwise or counter-clockwise.

    Design Advantages

    • Powerful suction even for viscous products
    • Low pulsation for smooth, consistent flow
    • Low-shear action does not damage fragile and shear-sensitive fluids
    • Wearing parts easily replaced on site
    • Holds 3-A Sanitary Standards authorization

    Typical Applications: Cheese, curds and whey, cottage cheese, butter, yogurt, fruit concentrates, syrups, beer, wort, yeast, batter, frosting, fillings, slurries, soups, stews, deli salads, chocolate, caramel, fruit fillings.