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  • Commercial Duty

    Pedestal drive units for flex-coupling to an electric motor are available in general purpose, high pressure and trash versions. All models standard with threaded impeller.

    Die-Cast Aluminum or Cast Iron Self Priming Centrifugal

    • Standard Models
    • General Purpose-Type G Only
      • Cast Iron Impeller and Volute (for long life)
    • High Pressure-Type P Only
      • Aluminum closed impeller (for high efficiency) and cast iron volute die-cast aluminum
    • Trash-Type S Only
      • Ductile iron impeller (for resistance to breakage and abrasion)
      • Cast iron volute (for long life)
      • T-handles (for easy clean out)

  • Model 3829-99

    AMT Self-Priming Solids Handling Pedestal pumps are designed for direct or belt drive. Specific units are available in Cast Aluminum, Cast Iron or Thermoplastic construction material. The units feature 3/8" to 2" solids handling construction and are fitted with a Cast Iron bearing housing which contains two or three precision sealed ball bearings depending on specific model. Easy cleanout design by removing casing bolts permits removal of debris without disconnecting hoses. The 3" & 4" Trash pump models feature cleanout covers with quick release handles for removal of debris. All units are self-priming to 20 ft
    AMT Self-priming solids handling pedestal pumps are reliable, cost effective and low maintenance. For use with non-flammable liquids compatible with pump component materials.

    • Available in Cast Aluminum, Cast Iron or Thermoplastic
    • Buna or Viton® mechanical seal
    • Optional seals available
    • 2" to 4" NPT suction and discharge ports
    • Maximum Working Pressure up to 75 PSI
    • Maximum Temperature 180° F
    • Self-priming to 20 ft
    • Shaft diameter 2" models (3/4") 3" & 4" models (1 1/8")
    • Sized from minimum 3 HP to 15 HP driver at 3600 RPM depending on model

  • AMT Self-Priming Diaphragm Engine

    See Spec Sheet

    The AMT line of Diaphragm pumps features a 2-stage, heavy duty forged gear driven transmission. Often referred to as Mud or Sludge Pumps, diaphragm pumps are designed to pump mud, slurry, sewage and thick liquids that have the ability to flow. AMT Diaphragm pumps are available with a choice of drivers to meet your application requirements: gasoline, diesel or single or three phase electric motor. Built-in check valve assures self-priming to 20 feet after initial prime. Heavy duty forged gear driven transmission is designed to operate pump at 40 strokes per minute for electric motor models and 60 strokes per minute for engine driven models. Each unit includes a 2” or 3” NPT steel suction strainer, two NPT nipples and a wheel kit for portability. Models 338E K6, 338G-K6, 337H-K6 and 337E-K6 are kits provided less motor or engine. Suction and discharge port sizes cannot be reduced.

    • Sand Cast Aluminum Construction for Portability and Durability
    • Thermoplastic Santoprene Diaphragm
    • 2" or 3" NPT Suction and Discharge Ports
    • Self-Priming to 25 Ft. Lift
    • Maximum Solids Handling up to 1-5/8"
    • Modular Component Design Permits Easy Maintenance and Cleanout
    • Driver Options: Gasoline, Diesel or Electric Single & Three Phase Motors
    • Delivers up to 90 GPM
    • 90° Rotatable Base on All Models

    Replaces Old Model 335 and 336 Series Pumps. Contact us for additional information.