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  • 6" Engine driven trash pumps

    The AMT 6" engine driven pump is designed for applications requiring high volume flow and solid/debris handling capabilities. Pump is constructed of heavy duty sand cast aluminum with cast iron and stainless steel internal parts for wear resistance and durability. Patent pending built-in slide mechanism features nylon and powder coated steel components that permit servicing, repairing and cleaning entire pump without removing hoses or pump components from trailer. Digital tachometer/hour meter.

    AMT Engine Driven Trash pumps are reliable, cost effective and low maintenance. Many are readily available "Off-the-Shelf" for fast 24 hour shipment. For use with non-flammable liquids which are compatible with pump component materials.

    • Cast aluminum casing and adapter
    • Cast iron seal plate, Volute & manifold
    • Stainless steel impeller
    • Silicon carbide mechanical seal and Buna O-Rings & flapper/check valve
    • 6" NPT port size
    • Self Priming to 20 ft
    • Honda GX670 V-twin gas engine or Daihatsu vanguard 3/LC diesel
    • Available in trailer mounted or skid mounted
    • Solids handling to 3" diameter
    • Unique slide mechanism permits complete service of pump without removing hoses or removing pump components from trailer, patent pending
    • Includes tool box and tools for servicing
    • 12 VDC Electric Start; Battery & digital tachometer/hour meter included
    • D.O.T. Approved Trailer

  • Cast iron sewage & trash pumps

    AMT Cast Iron Sewage/Trash pumps are designed for trouble free and economical handling of solids laden liquids and slurries. Pumps are available in three NPT port sizes; 2", 3" and 4". Cast iron construction with 2 vane Stainless Steel self-cleaning impellers, Silicon Carbide mechanical seals for abrasion resistance and Buna-N O-rings and check valves. Built-in check valve allows pump to reprime automatically in an open system, without a foot valve. The solids handling capabilities of the pumps make them ideally suited for a variety of industrial applications including: sewage treatment, canneries, chemical processing, wineries, tanneries, meat packing, breweries, pulp, wood chips, process water, sludge and slime, waste water, white water and other applications.

    AMT Sewage/Trash pumps will easily handle liquids containing sewage, stone, sticks, mud, and other solids. Minimum liquid requirement must be above 85%. Failure to do so may damage pump and void warranty. These pumps are reliable, cost effective and low maintenance. Many are readily available "Off-the-Shelf" for fast 24 hour shipment. For use with non-flammable liquids compatible with pump component materials.

    • Cast Iron Construction
    • Silicon Carbide/Viton Mechanical Seal
    • 2", 3" & 4" NPT Port Sizes
    • Self-Priming up to 20 ft.
    • Maximum Temperature 180º F
    • Maximum Working Pressure 150 PSI
    • Stainless Steel Semi-open, Clog Resistant Impeller
    • Buna-N Check Valve & O-Ring
    • Removable Cast Iron Volute/ Wear plate
    • Easy Cleanout Design
    • Pull-from-Rear Design
    • 3" & 4" Models Feature Front Cleanout
    • Available with 3 to 15 HP Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) Electric Motors
    • Single and Three Phase, 3450 RPM Motors
    • Seal Flush Port Provided on 5 HP and Larger
    • Optional Mounting Base Available

  • Engine Driven Portable Trash Pump

    High-volume self-priming centrifugal trash pumps come standard with a ductile iron impeller to resist abrasion and “T” handles for easy cleanout. All pumps feature stainless steel internal hardware, iron wear parts, built-in check valve, suction strainer and heavy duty steel frame. Standard with male NPT threads.
    Many IPT Trash Pumps are readily available “Off the- Shelf” for fast 24 hour shipment. For use with non-flammable liquids which are compatible with pump component materials.

    Die-Cast Aluminum or Cast Iron Self-Priming Engine Driven Pumps

    • Available with Honda, B&S Gasoline, or Yanmar Diesel Engines
    • Suction and Discharge Port Sizes: 2" and 3"
    • Die-Cast Aluminum or Cast Iron
    • Max. Flow: 180 to 300 GPM
    • Max. Head: 103 to 110 ft.
    • Max. Lift: 26 ft.
    • Max. Solids Handling: 2S5- 1"; 3S5- 1.25"
    • Silicon Carbide Seal
    • Easy Clean Out
    • EPDM 0-Rings Standard; Optional Viton®*
    • Optional Wheel Kit

  • Engine Driven Trash Pumps

    The AMT line of Engine Driven Trash pumps is designed for applications which require high flow efficiency and solids handling capability. Pumps are constructed of heavy duty sand cast components featuring removable/replaceable Cast Iron volutes, impellers and wear plates. Simple cleanout design permits easy removal of trash and debris without disconnecting hoses. Pumps are available with side valve or overhead valve engines from various engine manufacturers. An electric start option is available on many models.

    AMT Engine Driven Trash pumps are reliable, cost effective and low maintenance. Many are readily available "Off-the-Shelf" for fast 24 hour shipment. For use with non-flammable liquids which are compatible with pump component materials.

    • Cast Iron or Cast Aluminum Construction
    • Viton®/Silicon Carbide Mechanical Seal and Buna-N O-Ring
    • 1.5", 2", 3" or 4" NPT port sizes
    • Self-Priming up to 20 ft
    • Engine Options: Honda, Briggs & Stratton Gasoline or Yanmar diesel
    • Available in 3 1/2 to 16 hp engines
    • Pumps include heavy duty base or roll frame
    • Solids handling up to 2" diameter
    • 3" & 4" Include front cleanout

  • Commercial Duty

    Pedestal drive units for flex-coupling to an electric motor are available in general purpose, high pressure and trash versions. All models standard with threaded impeller.

    Die-Cast Aluminum or Cast Iron Self Priming Centrifugal

    • Standard Models
    • General Purpose-Type G Only
      • Cast Iron Impeller and Volute (for long life)
    • High Pressure-Type P Only
      • Aluminum closed impeller (for high efficiency) and cast iron volute die-cast aluminum
    • Trash-Type S Only
      • Ductile iron impeller (for resistance to breakage and abrasion)
      • Cast iron volute (for long life)
      • T-handles (for easy clean out)

  • Model 3829-99

    AMT Self-Priming Solids Handling Pedestal pumps are designed for direct or belt drive. Specific units are available in Cast Aluminum, Cast Iron or Thermoplastic construction material. The units feature 3/8" to 2" solids handling construction and are fitted with a Cast Iron bearing housing which contains two or three precision sealed ball bearings depending on specific model. Easy cleanout design by removing casing bolts permits removal of debris without disconnecting hoses. The 3" & 4" Trash pump models feature cleanout covers with quick release handles for removal of debris. All units are self-priming to 20 ft
    AMT Self-priming solids handling pedestal pumps are reliable, cost effective and low maintenance. For use with non-flammable liquids compatible with pump component materials.

    • Available in Cast Aluminum, Cast Iron or Thermoplastic
    • Buna or Viton® mechanical seal
    • Optional seals available
    • 2" to 4" NPT suction and discharge ports
    • Maximum Working Pressure up to 75 PSI
    • Maximum Temperature 180° F
    • Self-priming to 20 ft
    • Shaft diameter 2" models (3/4") 3" & 4" models (1 1/8")
    • Sized from minimum 3 HP to 15 HP driver at 3600 RPM depending on model

  • SANDPIPER Submersible Pumps Group

    The PortaPump® Submersible, Battery-Powered Pump operates using any 12-volt car or truck battery. It comes equipped with cables and battery clips. Extremely portable, the pump weighs only 33 pounds (15 kg) and can fit through openings as small as 10" (25cm). Electrically safe and whisper quiet.

    The SludgeMaster™ Submersible, Air-Powered Trash Pump handles mud, leaves, twigs, sand, sludge, trash-laden water and soft solids to 1 1/2" (3.8cm). High capacity, low head. The pump weighs only 59 pounds (26kg), and can fit through an opening as small as 14" (35cm). Sturdy construction for rough handling and long life. Optional rock screen available.

  • C360-90

    Plated Steel Suction Strainers; 1" to 6" Sizes Standard and Trash Types

  • Thomas GATOR PRIME Self-Priming Pump

    Gator Prime® is Thomas Pump & Machinery's Self Priming Pump Line. Gator Prime® self priming pumps are engineered for reliability, economical, trouble-free handling of liquids with solids. The Gator Prime® Self Priming solids handling pump model GP is available in pump sizes 2" thru 12" and handles solids up to 3". The Gator Prime® self priming, high pressure pump model GH is available in sizes 3" thru 6" and handles solids up to 1-1/4".

    Gator Prime's® external impeller adjustment makes it easy to optimize your pump's efficiency. Throw away those difficult-to-use shims. Gator Prime® pumps include an innovative easy to use external shim-less impeller-to-wear plate adjustment. This adjustment is made without disturbing the piping and requires no special tools.

    Gator Prime® pumps model GP & GH operate over a broad range of capacities and pressures and are used in markets such as:

    • Water
    • Wastewater
    • Pulp and Paper
    • Food and Beverage
    • Contractor de-watering
    • Self Priming Trash Pump

    The Gator Prime® model GP and GH are also available in a variety of metallurgies which are offered to meet your specific application requirements.

  • Hidrostal Horizontal End Suction Screw Centrifugal Pump

    All of our Dry Pit/Bearing Frame pumps incorporate the screw centrifugal impeller, invented by Hidrostal. This hydraulic design offers considerable benefits over conventional centrifugal pumps, including:

    • Solids handling
    • Viscous pumping
    • Delicate handling
    • Low shear pumping
    • High efficiency operation

    The unique characteristics of the screw impeller give a combination of characteristics not found in any other type of pump, namely:

    • Extremely steep and stable curve
    • High efficiencies
    • Non-overloading power curve
    • Low NPSH
    • Non-clog pumping

    The term ""Non-Clog"" has almost become a punchline in the pumping industry. Traditional wastewater pumps are actually classified as ""Non-Clog"", but ask any operator or pump mechanic if their ""Non-Clog"" pumps clog! The Hidrostal design takes solids handling operation to the next level, where clogging & blockages are a thing of the past. The Hidrostal is not a traditional non-clog pump, but actually a hybrid that utilizes the best features of a positive displacement type screw pump - crossed with a single vane centrifugal pump. This combination provides an unmatched performance of effectiveness & efficiency.

    The fact of the matter is that unscreened sewage or wastewater is evolving and most of the pump suppliers are not evolving with it, but Hidrostal is.

    The Hidrostal is not your ""average pump"", it is a unique alternative that is positioned to handle today's challenging wastewater demands. The superior hydraulic design is backed by a company that is committed to improvement and technology and is not just ""doing it the we always do"". Hidrostal offers our Dry Pit/Bearing Frame pumps in multiple installation types with several power transmission options. Our configuration features the Hidrostal wet end hydraulics with a robust bearing frame design with oversized bearings.

  • Hidrostal Compact Screw Centrifugal Pump

    Hidrostal compact pumps allow non-clog, trouble-free operation in demanding situations. They are used in slurry and wastewater applications, by emergency management/fire brigades, on construction sites and even in private households.

    Compact Pumps - small, portable and ready to use whenever needed.

    Hidrostal compact pumps are heavy duty field units which combine usability and robustness with the superior hydraulic and solids handling performance of the famous screw centrifugal impeller. This makes it the preferred pump for all types of municipal and industrial wastewater, slurry and mud applications, but also flood defense applications for portable/stationary installations.

    Typical Applications:

    • Industrial effluent
    • Viscous sludge
    • Return activated sludge
    • Drainage
    • Process waste
    • Sump cleanup
    • Construction sites
    • Flood defense
    • Emergency management / fire brigades

    Product Advantages:

    • Solids handling of 50 mm (2") in diameter
    • Robust unit capable of handling liquids containing fibrous matter
    • Steep curve giving pressure reserve when pumping thick materials
    • Mobile with a weight of 32 kg (70 lbs) including 10 m (33 ft) cable
    • High efficiency and compact construction
    • Non-overloading power curve
    • Double mechanical seal arrangement
    • Ex-proof setups available

  • Hidrostal Immersible Screw Centrifugal Pump

    Immersible Pumps Operate Continuously in Air and Under Water

    Hidrostal Immersible pumps successfully handle difficult municipal and industrial wastewater. Viscous liquids, fragile flocs, and even live fish without problem.

    Hidrostal's dry well immersible pumps have independent closed loop cooling that enables the motor to run either in a wet or dry well. As these immersible units do not use pumped media to cool the motors there are no problems of overheating due to slime build up in the cooling channel. The pumps are particularly suited for dry pit applications where the combination of the screw centrifugal impeller and immersible motor are the state-of-the art technology. Leakage of the pumped product is eliminated by tandem seals running in an oil bath, avoiding a situation commonly experienced with soft-packed glands. Hidrostal immersible waste water/sewage pump stations have frequently been mistaken for clean water stations, due to the lack of odor and the cleanliness of the buildings. Immersible pumps are particularly suitable for installation where quiet running, clean surroundings, reliable and long trouble-free operation are required.


    Advantages of Dry-Well Installation:

    • Quiet running
    • Cool exterior
    • No leakage of product
    • Compact, simple installation
    • No exposed rotating shafts or couplings
    • Pump easily opened for inspection
    • Vertical or Horizontal installation
    • Clean odor-free waste water pump stations

    Advantages of Wet Pit Installation

    • Pumps can be installed in the same manner as submersible pumps
    • Liquid level can be drawn down to pump casing without risk of overheating the motor
    • Shallower sumps compared to conventional submersible pump installations

  • Hidrostal Prerostal Wet-Well System Illustration

    PREROSTAL®: Matched Flow and Clean Wet-Wells

    A method of matching pump outflow to pump station inflow without the need for additional flow control or additional electrical equipment such as inverter drives. A highly effective sump cleaning system without the need for any additional mechanical or electrical items, such as grinders, bar screens or mixers.

    Product Advantages:

    • Matches station outflow to inflow using fixed-speed motors
    • Automatically removes floating and settled solids
    • Shallower pump stations [compared to submersibles with On-Off controls]
    • Alternative to Archimedes screw pumps
    • Reduced construction costs due to prefabricated basin design

    The PREROSTAL® Pre-rotation system is a unique, economical, uncomplicated method of automatically adjusting pumping volume to varying inflow rates using a constant speed motor and pump. It combines the screw centrifugal impeller characteristics of a Hidrostal pump with a specially configured vortex inducing chamber around the suction pipe of the pump. The chamber utilizes gravity to impart a fluid spin in the same direction of rotation as the pump impeller, and this spin produces a flow reduction without the necessity of changing pump speed. This method of matching pump outflow to pump station inflow eliminates the need for any electrical equipment such as inverter drives.

    In addition the PREROSTAL® system is a highly effective sump cleaning system which does not require any additional items or moving parts. It is the ideal solution for handling variable flow applications with large solids.

    The PRESOSTAL® system is a proven and cost effective alternative to Archimedes screw pumps or other methods that require complex controls or additional electrical/mechanical devices.