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  • Whirling Int'l Compact Series WP44 A

    The Compact Series have multiple uses within the industry. The design of these pumps includes an elastomeric wobble stator, a universal flexible joint and a mechanical seal.

    • They are economical and versatile pumps. Capacity rates from 0.4 USGPM to 22 USGPM and pressures up to 45 PSI
    • The pumps of the WP series, have an input shaft that may be coupled to a motor or a gearbox using an elastic coupling.
    • The WPM series is monoblock design. The pump is direct coupled to a flanged motor.

  • Whirling Int'l Dosing Series WDP08 A

    The Dosing Series

    The pumps of the WDP series are widely used in laboratory dosages due to their perfect and exact dosage.

    Low to highly viscous liquids, pasty, neutral or aggressive, pure or abrasive, gaseous or tending to froth, also with fibrous and solids content

    Main Application

    Sewage and environmental engineering, chemical and petrochemical industries, food and beverages industry, paper and pulp industry, soap and fats industry, dye and paint industry, plastic and ceramics industry

    Performance data:

    • Capacity (Q) up to 10 l/min *
    • Discharge pressure up to 12 bar
    • Differential pressure up to 12 bar
    • Viscosity up to 20000 mm²/s
    • Fluid temperature up to 150°C

    (*) Capacity may be easily adjusted by using a VFD, it results in accurate values.

    Construction features:

    • Base plate design (pump and motor mounted on a base plate)
    • Bulkhead mounting / Pedestal mounting
    • Dry installation
    • Horizontal installation
    • Pump drive directly coupled or by gear or belt transmission
    • Self - priming
    • Reversible pumping

  • Whirling Int'l Industrial Series 2WL6 A

    The WL pumps are used in the most challenging applications in the industry such as:

    Polymer feed, Adhesives, Abrasives Slurry, Fracking and Drilling, Wastewater Treatment Process.

    The modular design of this series provides the ability to assemble pumps with 1, 2 or 3 stages. This allows the user to obtain pressures of 75 PSI, 150 PSI or 255 PSI depending on the stator and rotor length.


    CDQ C5A

    Grey Iron casting, 4140 internal shafts and rotor, nitrile stator. Packed pump*

    SSQ S3A

    Stainless Steel Castings and internals, nitrile stator. Packed pump*

    Special features:

    • Carbon steel base plate
    • Stainless Steel base plate
    • Mechanical Seal option is available*
    • Different grades of elastomers. Viton, EPDM, Natural Rubber, Teflon
    • We can supply complete pumps with base, gear box and motor upon request

  • Whirling Int'l Open Throat Series 2WJ6 A

    The WJ series pumps have a wide open throat hopper and an auger feeder. This configuration allows the pumping of fluids of very high viscosities. Fats, cream, putty, pulps, etc ... Once the product falls into the hopper, it’s forced to enter the stator. They are manufactured in different materials, depending on the application.

    This WJ Pump series is an ideal pumping solution for an expense list of difficult products such as:

    • Viscous solutions
    • High solids contents
    • Sludge's and slurries
    • Wine must
    • Food waste
    • Polymers

    The open throat and the auger feed design forces the liquid toward the rotor and stator so it can fill the cavities and then pump.

    The modular design of this series, allows to build pumps in 1, 2 and 3 stages to obtain pressures of 85, 170 and 240 PSI and flow rates up to 250 GPM


    • Easy to maintain-in-place
    • Reduced maintenance downtime and labor savings
    • Detachable feed chamber supplied as standard
    • Large open throat inlet
    • Large auger design as standard
    • Blending/conveying of product into the pump
    • Option of a separate bridge breaker mounted directly on top of the hopper to ensure optimum filling of the auger feed screw