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Q-Pumps QTS Series Pumps

QTS twin screw (spindle) pumps are an innovative new positive displacement sanitary process solution. QTS pumps eliminate many problems common to other types of positive displacement pumps. They have low NPSH requirements while being able to self-prime bi-directionally. These twin screw pumps operate very quietly, even at high speed. They also have no axial deflection unlike rotary lobe pumps or centrifugal models. This reduces the amount of wear and tear on seals, the gear case and the shafts themselves which means less time and money spent on maintenance and repair parts. Furthermore QTS Pumps can be used as a process pump and CIP pump in the same system while taking less time for a CIP cycle than progressing cavity pumps. QTS pumps offer many more features and benefits!

  • Very Soft Solids Handled without Damage Up to Max Solid Size 1.5" With Improved Surfaces for Abrasive Fluids
  • Low Shear- Fluid Travels along Rotor Axis, Reducing Fluid Speed
  • Virtually Pulse-Free, Constant Flow
  • Bi-directional Pumping, Self-Priming in BOTH Directions
  • Totally Drainable, 100% CIP-able Running at High Speeds
  • Ideal to be Used as Process Pump as Well as a CIP Pump: Removing the Cost of Additional Equipment
  • Low NPSH Requirement due to the High Suction Capacity
  • Meets 3-A & EHEDG Standards
  • Optimized Engineered Rotor Design, No-Contact Even At High Pressure
Q-Pumps QTS Series Process & CIP Pump Video

Q-Pumps QTS Twin Screw Pump Demonstration Video

Q-Pumps QTS Applications Video
Unit of Measure


Max. Flow Rate

N/A 7.5 gpm30 lpm

Max. Fluid Temperature

N/A 300 ºF120 ºC

CIP Flows to:

N/A 15 gpm60 lpm

Inlet Size

N/A 1/2, 3/4 or 1 in