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MasoSine's EcoSine pump satisfies demanding processing requirements cost-effectively, using the unique MasoSine pumping principle. This model is a sanitary pump for pressures to 6bar (90 psi) and bi-directional operation. The sine-wave-shaped rotor creates four moving chambers which gently convey the duty fluid from the inlet port to the higher-pressure discharge port. The gate prevents any fluid passing back from the discharge side to the lower-pressure suction side of the pump. Ecosine is for sanitary duties requiring strong suction/low shear.

  • Capacity: 125,000 liter/hour (550 US gpm)
  • Pressures to 6 bar (90 psi)

EcoSine Pump Series Features& Benefits:

  • Exclusive sinusoidal rotor
  • Powerful suction
  • Large pumping chambers for fragile particulates
  • 3A Certified
  • Gentle, low shear product handling
  • Safely pumps highly viscous products
  • Very low pulsation
  • Economical in-line maintenance & cleaning

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Item #

Solids Handling

Displacement per Revolution

Max. Flow Rate

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RFQ-EC25 N/A .87 in22 mm N/A .06 gal.224 lit N/A 47.3 gpm10,752 lph Add To Cart
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RFQ-EC40 N/A 1.42 in36 mm N/A .23 gal.875 lit N/A 138 gpm31,600 lph Add To Cart
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RFQ-EC60 N/A 2.36 in60 mm N/A .90 gal3.4 lit N/A 538.9 gpm122,400 lph Add To Cart
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