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Ace Hose Assemblies

Ace Manufacturing's sanitary hoses are all FDA-compliant and specifically manufactured for Food, Beverage and Dairy, Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical and Bio-tech manufacturing markets.  The Flex-Rite Hose line includes, sanitary hoses, pvc hoses, rubber hoses, silicon hoses and teflon hoses. 

Seal-Rite Fittings and accessories also available. 


AMT Pumps

AMT Pumps is a division of Gormann-Rupp Pumps.  AMT Pumps offers a wide selection of industrial pumps including electrical pumps, engine driven centrifugal pumps, and diaphragm pumps.  Most pumps are available for 24 hour shipment. 


The Banjo Corporation manufactures many popular industrial pump, insutrial valve and accessory lines.  Banjo pumps categories are Polypropylene Pumps, 316 Stainless Steel Pumps and Cast Iron Pumps.  Accessories by Banjo Corporation are couplings, dry disconnects, line strainers, pipe/hose fittings and tank accessories.

Biomist Power Sanitizing System

"Biomist Power Sanitizing System - Saves Time, Money, and Lives!"

The Biomist system safely power sprays a sanitizing solution of concentrated alcohols.  The Biomist system envelopes a sanitizing mist of alcohol in a stream of CO2 gas, displacing any oxygen that might lead to combustion. It kills germs faster, more effectively, and with less labor than any previous method.



Since 1976 BLACOH has been providing solutions for pump problems such as vibration, pressure fluctuation, rapid-wear pump components, noise, non-steady flow and more. These solutions improve pump efficiency as well as increasing the life of the pump and related components. BLACOH is the industry standard for dampening pulsations created by positive displacement pumps.


Blagdon Pump

Blagdon AODD pumps provide high performance, reliable solutions for your pumping needs. We specialise in extreme condition environments and applications, keeping your process moving both above and below ground.

Blagdon Pump was founded in the early 1950’s in the North East of England as a specialist pump manufacturer. In 1979 production of AIR OPERATED DOUBLE DIAPHRAGM PUMPS commenced and we soon became a market leader. In 1997 the US based multinational IDEX Corporation acquired Blagdon Pump to strengthen their global position in the double diaphragm market. Blagdon Pump transferred operations to Ireland in 2009. Blagdon Pump is dynamic and evolving. Our aim is to make dealing with us an easy and efficient experience – a service you can rely on for all your pump requirements.

Blagdon Pump Full Line Brochure

Blagdon Pump Best Value Brochure



CURFLO is a subsidiary of Curry Supply Holdings Inc.

CURFLO offers centrifugal ANSI pumps, centrifugal mud pumps and replacement parts & repair kits for both. Offering multiple materials of construction, shaft/shaft sleeve configurations, sizes and seal options
Category Image - Flux


Flux Pumps are best known for producing quality barrel pumps.  Flux also provides solutions for liquid movement including: transferring, emptying, circulating, mixing and dosing.

GEA Tuchenhagen

GEA is one of the largest suppliers of process technology for the food industry and a wide range of other industries.

Tank & Vessel Cleaning Equipment for almost any size and shape. These include stationary and rotating spray balls, and rotating tank jets as well as automation and monitoring equipment. GEA also manufactures.

Product Recovery Systems
, otherwise known as pigging systems, for the food & beverage, sanitary, chemical, pharmaceutical and other markets. Featuring full or partial automation, accurate pig detection, up to 99% product recovery and reductions in CIP and effluent needs.
Category Image - Graco


Graco Pumps manufactures industrial pumps, meters, sprayers, applicator guns & valves.  Familiar Graco Pumps brands are Husky pumps, Saniforce pumps and Triton pumps.  Graco Pumps are known for moving extremely high viscosity fluids.  Pump high viscosoty fluids like carmel or even pump peanut butter! 
Hidrostal LOGO


Hidrostal's Screw Centrifugal Pump's low shear impellers are ideally suited to the delicate transfer of fruits and vegetables, fish (even live), delicate crystals, and more. Yet it's unrivalled solids handling capabilities offer optimum movement of effluent and wastewater, slurries and sumps.

Hidrostal's range of screw centrifugal pumps is ideally suited to a broad range of industries. Water and Wastewater solutions are just the beginning. We can handle your needs from A to Z. If your product is Apples or Zucchinis, Springer Pumps can specify a Hidrostal to pump it and everything in between.

Be it food or fish, paper or petrochemicals, oil or olives, whatever your sector Hidrostal's high quality pumps and pumping systems can benefit your business.

  • Aquaculture
  • Brewing
  • Civil Engineering
  • Construction
  • Food Processing
  • Paper
  • Petrochemical
  • Oil and gas
  • Sugar refining
  • And More!

A truly NON-CLOG pump! The Hidrostal is not a traditional non-clog pump, but actually a hybrid that utilizes the best features of a positive displacement type screw pump – crossed with a single vane centrifugal pump. This combination provides an unmatched performance of effectiveness & efficiency.

Category Image - liquiflo


Liquiflo Pumps manufactures gear pumps and centrifugal pumps specifically for the chemical processing industry.  Liquiflo manufactures pumps from a large selection of corrosion resistant internal construct materials with mulitple sealing options.
Magna-Safe Logo Square

Magna-Safe Mixers

Think Magna-Safe when you want to prevent hazardous vapor emissions. Think Magna-Safe when you want to prevent product contamination.

Sealless Design, 100% Leakproof: The primary advantages of our sealless design are to eliminate vapor leakage and prevent product contamination, and enhance operator safety. Our magnetic drive eliminates the need for mechanical seals, resulting in less costly maintenance, fewer spare parts, and decreased downtime.

Environmentally safe: No emissions mean you are doing your part to protect your environment.
MasoSine Logo

MasoSine by Watson Marlow Pumps Group

The Watson-Marlow MasoSine pump is a highly reliable and economical Positive Displacement Pump for sanitary and industrial applications. Our exclusive sinusoidal rotor overcomes the limitations of conventional rotary lobe pumps to produce powerful suction with low shear, low pulsation, and gentle handling…all with simple and fast maintenance and 3-A certification.

MDM Logo

MDM (Multi-Duty Manufacturing)

Multi-Duti Manufacturing, Inc. (MDM) has intensely cultivated its SEQUENCE®  and ADVANCE brand names since 1978. The names have come to mean high quality and innovation at a reasonable price within several pump market segments; Industrial, Commercial and Consumer. Recently, the additional trademarks VALUFLO®, SEQUEL® and GENESYS® are testament to an ongoing commitment to product development

Nomad Logo


NOMAD provides state of the art after-market parts that fit Wilden® Pumps, ARO® Pumps, Yamada® Pumps, Dorr-Oliver® Pumps, and Almatec® Pumps. NOMAD® is a product brand of JDA GLOBAL PUMP LLC.

Pumper Parts Logo

Pumper Parts

Replacement Pump Parts and Repair Kits for ARO Pumps, Wilden Pumps& Yamada Pumps.  Pumper Parts fit Air-Operated Double Diaphragm (AODD) pumps, including Wilden®, ARO®, and Yamada®.  Recognized as the industry leader in AODD repair parts, Pumper Parts offers an expanding product line to meet your needs. Most parts are sold at 20% below the manufacturers' list price.

Please Note: Effective January 1, 2017, Pumper Parts has been discontinued.
A replacement may be found by:
  • Searching for or browsing to the desired Pumper Part for replacement links or more information
  • Contacting us for assistance
  • Or browsing here for a possible alternative
Q-Pumps Logo XSM


Q-Pumps Twin Screw Pumps can handle suspended solids without damage. QTS Pumps have constant, pulse-less flow which gently handles liquids. Up to 60% air handling capability with self-priming and low NPSH requirements. The QTS line is also fully CIPable and can function as both the process pump and the CIP pump, reducing equipment costs. Reversible flow, self-priming in both directions and MUCH MORE...
Remote Control Tech Logo

Remote Control Technology

Remote Control Technology is a leader in innovative applications of wireless Radio Frequency (RF) remote control and telemetry devices.  Remote Control Technology manufactures wireless switching and telemetry devices to meet many diverse customer requirements in a timely and cost-effective manner.


RUHRPUMPEN manufacturs a range of quality centrifugal and reciprocating pumps. The pumps are ideal for Oil & Gas, Chemical, Power, Industrial Applications, Water and Mining. RURHPUMPEN supplies pumps that meet demanding quality and industry specifications such as API, ANSI and Hydraulic Institute Standards. With it's verticle integration RUHRPUMPEN has a foundry, machine shop, pump manufacturing plants and service centers. This allows them to quickly and efficiently meet customers demands and respond to market changes quickly. Product Range Inlcudes: Horizontal Centrifugal Pumps, Single and Multi-stage Split Case, Double Volute, Double Suction, Verticle In-Line Pumps, Split Coupled and Close Coupled, Verticle Turbine/Barrel Pumps, and MANY MORE...

Springer Parts Logo

Springer Parts

Springer Pumps, LLC is pleased to offer our clients Springer Parts! Springer Parts are replacement pump parts, pump replacement kits and replacement mechanical seals.  SPLLC proudly offers them 20 - 40% below OEM. Our replacement part warranties match or beat the OEM's warranty.

SuperKlean Logo


SuperKlean manufactures high quality products, including a complete line of variable spray nozzles, hot and cold water mixer-hose stations, steam and cold water mixer-hose stations, hoses, and accessories.

Thomas Pump Logo

Thomas Pump & Machinery

Thomas Pump & Machinery manufactures several different pumps, including:

  • GTO GATOR® and GTO RHINO®: Reliable Pitot tube, high pressure pumps.
  • GATOR PRIME: Self-Priming Pumps for solids laden fluids.
  • THOM-VAC: Vacuum pumps which include 904 Series, CL Series and SL Series liquid ring type vacuum pumps.
Tuthill Logo


Tuthill is the parent company for Sotera products.  Process, Lubrication, & Magnetically Coupled Pumps proudly manufactured in the USA. Value-minded customers appreciate Tuthill's pumping solutions for difficult and complex applications. 

Warren Rupp Sandpiper Logo

Warren Rupp

Warren Rupp is a leader in producing high quality Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps (AOD & AODD Pumps).  Sandpiper Pumps, Versa Matic, Marathon and Blagdon are all Warren Rupps pump lines.
Watson-Marlow Fluid Technologies Group LOGO

Watson Marlow Pumps Group

Watson Marlow Pumps Group manufactures peristaltic pumps, tube and hose pumps, sine pumps, liquid filling and OEM pumps.