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  • FBM4000

    Drum and Container Pumps are used in almost every sector of the processing and manufacturing industries. Initially designed for decanting and transfer operations of differing liquids from drums and containers, current production time scales are now requiring these pumps to be used on applications with extended run times and frequent stopping and starting.

    These, more arduous uses, are exactly the applications the new brushless motor Type FBM 4000 Ex has been designed for. For either continuous or intermittent use, or even precise dispensing operations: the new brushless motor is ideally suited.

    The brushless motor Type FBM 4000 Ex is featuring a compact design, a robust double shell housing in aluminum and a very low noise level. The explosion-proof motor is tested and certified according to the latest Directive 94/9/EC-ATEX 100a.
    EC-Type-Examination Certificate PTB 03 ATEX 1042.
    The combined on/off switch and easy to use speed controller allow precise dispensing operations.
    Electronic monitoring of speed, voltage and temperature. A no-volt release safety circuit monitors the power and prevents unintentional re-start of the pump. This feature ensures additional safety for the user.

    Due to negligible wear, the brushless motor design guarantees lowest cost of ownership, even with continuous use.

    Brushless motor, explosion-proof to II 2 G EEx de IIC T6, protection class I.

    Jet-proof according to IP 55.
    With 16 ft. power cord and safety plug (not explosion-proof).

  • F460EX
  • F458-I
  • F417P
  • F414

    The robust three-phase gearmotor F 414 is especially designed for extreme operating conditions and extended operating periods.

    Three-phase gearmotor, 230/400 Volt, 50 Hz, protection class I, jet-proof to IP 55.

    Capacity: 0.55, 0.75 or 1.1 kW.

    Available with motor protection switch or with cable terminal box.

    Without power supply cable.

  • F416P

    In combination with air motors FLUX drum and container pumps are very lightweight, easy to handle and extremely powerful at the same time.
    FLUX air motors are explosion-proof according to Directive 94/9/EC - ATEX 100a. PTB Registration No. 02 ATEX D022. These motors are recommended for transferring high flammability liquids and are particularly suitable for applications requiring a powerful and easy to adjust motor.
    The speed can be adjusted via the filter-regulator-lubricator unit on models F 416 Ex and F 416-1 Ex or on a ball valve on model F 416-2 Ex.

    Compressed air motor, explosion-proof to II 2 G cp IIC T6. Power 470 Watt at 86 psi operating pressure. Power 170 Watt at 43 psi (minimum operating pressure).

    Easily variable speed control by adjusting either the air supply pressure or volume. Motor overload-proof. Air connection BSP 1/4" female.

    Low noise level by a muffler. An optional exhaust air hose and filter is available to prevent the lubricating oil contaminating the environment.