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  • F424

    "In Good Contact with the Liquids"
    The liquids to be pumped are abrasive, but they do not leave any deposits. Dry running of the pump must not cause any problems. You are looking for a general purpose pump without a mechanical seal in the liquid section. The O-ring material FKM is not resistant to the liquids to be pumped.

    The inner tube supports the pump shaft, which is lubricated by the liquid. The level of the liquid in the inner tube always corresponds to that in the drum or container.

  • F430

    "A Shaft in a Shell"
    The pump must be used with many varying liquids, consequently the smallest residual left within the pump is unacceptable. You want to pump adhesive substances like paints, or liquids which tend to crystallize or harden.

    The inner tube houses the shaft. It is sealed at the bottom by mechanical seal through which the shaft passes. Consequently the shaft does not come into contact with the liquid except for the small section between the impeller and seal.

  • F425

    With all the advantages of FLUX Drum Pumps, plus the added Flowback Stop Valve, these pumps are ideal for expensive or hard to handle fluids. The Flowback Stop Valve closes to prevent any product from emptying out of the pump back into the drum. This is done while the pump is running, and by doing this up to 99.98% of the drum contents can be removed.

  • F426

    "An Excellent Mixture"
    You want to mix and pump liquids within a closed drum or an open container.
    By turning the adjusting lever, the pump can either mix or pump. Liquids can also be mixed even when being transferred to another container.

  • F427

    Pure Culture in Pumping"
    You want a safe pumping of food, cosmetic or pharmaceutical products. The operating conditions require an easy and quick cleaning or sterilization of the pump at regular intervals to avoid any contamination of the product, e.g. when pumping varying liquids or different colors as well as quick-drying or film forming liquids.

    The efficient FLUX sanitary pump has been especially designed for aseptic applications."

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  • FLUX F425

    Operation and Function of Flux Pump Tubeset F425
    When emptying a drum or container, the liquid which remains in the pump tubeset or hose being used with a Flux hand nozzle will always remain under the control of the operator. The pump tubeset-model F425-is equipped with an integrated back-flow stop in the lower part of the pump housing, which is operated manually by turning an adjustable lever 90 degrees to a locked position. As soon as the drum or container is completely empty and no more liquid is being discharged, the integrated back-flow stop must be closed with the motor still running. (In that way, any back-flow of the liquid is prevented and ensures that the drum or container is emptied to its maximum.)

    Advantages of Flux Tubeset F425

    • Drums and containers can be emptied in vertical position up to one (1) pint and in tilted position up to 3 oz. residual quantity.
    • By closing the back-flow stop at the bottom of the tubeset, the liquid in the pump and transfer hose cannot flow back into the drum or container.
    • Pump tubeset F425 S in stainless steel has an outer diameter of only 1 19/32 in. over the total effective immersion length, F425 Pouter diameter is 2 in.
    • No loss of liquid or environmental problems with remaining liquid in drums and containers. No contamination of environment due to leaking liquid.
    • Easy to operate, easy to dismantle and service with cleaning a simple operation.


    The MINIFLUX horizontally installed container pump is designed for emptying IBCs via their floor-level outlet. Designed as an alternative to a vertical pump, the MINIFLUX can be used when an IBC is not accessible from the top. It is suitable for applications when gravity draining via the outlet tap is insufficient eg. rapid dispensing, long distance product transfer, or transfer to another container in a higher location. Power can ideally be provided by commutator or compressed air motor.

    Features & Benefits:

    • Easy to use
    • Eliminates lifting tote and splashing of harmful liquids
    • Extended service life through proven seal design
    • Flows to 63 GPM
    • Heads to 43 feet
    • Viscosities to 1,000 cPs
    • XP rated