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The XL-Series 12x14x22 blender pump is perfect for pumping high volumes of heavy slurry that is abrasive or corrosive. It is capable of producing flow rates of 3,000-7,500 gallons per minute. This pump includes a heavy-duty shaft that is designed for minimum deflection and is directly interchangeable with NOV Mission Magnum Pumps.

Introducing New CURFLO Technology

CURFLO’s new diamond-coated seal technology will provide solutions for our customers with intermittent dry-running on mechanical seals and erosion/corrosion applications. The CURFLO XL-Series 12x14x22 blender pump and the new seal technology were subjected to several dry-running and thermal shock scenarios with no leaks or failures. The initial test was a 15-minute flooded run. The test concluded with six 5-minute intermittent dry runs, with a test total of 60 minutes.

Materials Available

The XL-Series blender pump is available in high chrome hard iron.


  • Designed for pumping high volumes of heavy slurries that are abrasive and/or corrosive
  • Compact dimensions make the XL pump ideal for mobile or stationary applications
  • Engineered for continuous operation and minimal maintenance
  • Low stuffing box pressure increases seal life by 50%
  • Extra-heavy shaft for minimum deflection
  • SKF bearings or equal
  • All parts 100% interchangeable with Mission and all other major brand pumps

CURFLO centrifugal mud pumps are designed for high volumes of heavy slurries that are abrasive and/or corrosive. They have been engineered for continuous operation with minimal maintenance. CURFLO mud pumps come in three sizes: The 118 Series - 10 to 1600 GPM, the 250 Series - 50 to 4000 GPM and the XL Series - 1000 to 5200 GPM. Interchangeable with Mission®, Forum®, MCM® and all other major brands.
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