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The homogenizers play a primary roll in the industrial production of the ice cream, but they can be costly, oversized and not so easy to be used when it comes to non-industrial small-batch duties.

With a flow rate of 106 gph (400 l/h) and a working pressure of 1740 psi (120 Bar) MICROLAB 400 perfectly suits the small-batch applications. It could be used in both ways: with a single pasteurizer (recirculation mode) or with two pasteurizers (inline installation between the two pasteurizers).

The goal of the homogenizing process is to make the ice creams tastier and creamier and with a less "cold" taste. The ice cream, thanks to the homogenizing process, will benefit from a longer overrun, higher storage stability, a better dissolution and increased digestibility.

How the MICROLAB 400 Works

The pumping pistons push the product through the homogenizing valve at a pressure of 1740 psi (120 Bar). Into the homogenizing valve, due to a quick increase of the speed (up to a 9.300 cm/sec), a strong cavitation takes place and due to the friction among the cells, the product is subject to a micronizing process which reduces the average diameter of the solid fat particles to a few micrometers in diameter (< 0.0035 mm). The micronizing process removes the fat cell’s external coating, increases the area in contact with the emulsifiers, favors the water-oil phase, makes the ice cream texture softer and gives a drier taste which makes the ice cream quality higher.

Microlab 400

  • 106 GPH
  • 1740 PSI
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