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Immersible Pumps Operate Continuously in Air and Under Water

Hidrostal Immersible pumps successfully handle difficult municipal and industrial wastewater. Viscous liquids, fragile flocs, and even live fish without problem.

Hidrostal's dry well immersible pumps have independent closed loop cooling that enables the motor to run either in a wet or dry well. As these immersible units do not use pumped media to cool the motors there are no problems of overheating due to slime build up in the cooling channel. The pumps are particularly suited for dry pit applications where the combination of the screw centrifugal impeller and immersible motor are the state-of-the art technology. Leakage of the pumped product is eliminated by tandem seals running in an oil bath, avoiding a situation commonly experienced with soft-packed glands. Hidrostal immersible waste water/sewage pump stations have frequently been mistaken for clean water stations, due to the lack of odor and the cleanliness of the buildings. Immersible pumps are particularly suitable for installation where quiet running, clean surroundings, reliable and long trouble-free operation are required.


Advantages of Dry-Well Installation:

  • Quiet running
  • Cool exterior
  • No leakage of product
  • Compact, simple installation
  • No exposed rotating shafts or couplings
  • Pump easily opened for inspection
  • Vertical or Horizontal installation
  • Clean odor-free waste water pump stations

Advantages of Wet Pit Installation

  • Pumps can be installed in the same manner as submersible pumps
  • Liquid level can be drawn down to pump casing without risk of overheating the motor
  • Shallower sumps compared to conventional submersible pump installations
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