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Replacement seals for WDM PUMPS® Mechanical Seals products.
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OEM names, brands, model or part numbers are for identification purposes only. Our components are designed to provide performance and service life equal to or better than the OE part when properly installed and properly applied. Springer Parts carry a warranty equal to the OE component. WDM PUMPS® Mechanical Seals is a registered trademarks of its respective company. Springer Pumps, LLC is not a representative of, nor affiliated with WDM PUMPS® Mechanical Seals.
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MS21XFNRAC134SP N/A C N/A 3 N/A 1.75 in44.450 mm N/A MS21XFNRAC134 $252.19 N/A 6 lbs Add To Cart
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MSIXFCEA138SP N/A E N/A 3 N/A 1.375 in34.925 mm N/A MSIXFCEA138 QUOTE N/A 5 lbs Add To Cart
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