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Sanitary Mixers

UET XCEL-FLO PLUS sanitary mixers are efficiently designed for CIP operations in pharmaceutical, food, bottling packaging, cosmetic, and dairy plants to improve productivity and lower costs. They are ideal in facilities wherever extreme moisture from cleaning or washdown is a concern, or where sanitary conditions are required. Also, in lieu of replacing the entire mixer, UET utilizes the same sanitary technology to upgrade existing mixers to “as new” sanitary standards to provide substantial operating and cost advantages.

  • Washdown inverter duty motors
  • Food Grade lubricants
  • FDA approved white epoxy finish on drive components
  • Wetted parts are #4 polished, crevice-free stainless steel
  • Impeller matched to the process requirements 2 Year Warranty
  • Torques to 50,000 in-lb.
  • Temperatures -100⁰C to 350⁰C
  • Flange, Tri-clamp, or Threaded Connection
  • Impellors for any process application
  • Motors can be electric, variable speed, air or hydraulic
  • Available with speed sensors, tachometers, and power monitors
  • Available in most alloys, glass lining and coatings
  • Several bearing designs to suit most conditions
    • Stainless steel lubricated and shielded
    • Hybrid ceramic/stainless dry running
    • All ceramic dry running
  • Sanitary features include:
    • 15Ra Polish
    • All Stainless drive
    • Triclamp ferrule
  • Pressures to 3000 PSI, including double wall
  • Containment shells
  • ATEX certified
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