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Designed for chemical processing, water treatment, and food/beverage applications, the Blacoh sanitary line of dampeners and surge suppressors feature specialized stainless steel bodies and tri-clamp fittings. For hygienic applications requiring clean-in-place components, the SENTRY CIP in-line flow through design and unique patent pending tube bladder eliminate problems with product holdup and trapped particles. Ideally suited for handling slurries and viscous fluids, it's gentle enough for the most delicate products.

Standard Sanitary Models:

  • Solve: pump discharge pulsation, shaking pipes, splashing, product degradation, and inaccurate fluid metering.
  • FDA compliant materials: polished and bead blasted 316L stainless steel surfaces.
  • Tri-clamp inlets, optional T-handles, and autoclave safe wetted components for easy cleaning.

Flow Through Model:

  • Single body construction for easy clean-in-place
  • In-line flow through eliminates product holdup
  • Bladder material: USP Class VI Pharma-Grade Silicone or Food-Grade EPDM
  • Molded ends connect directly to pipe and seal with 2.5"" Tri-Clamp fasteners without separate gaskets
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SENTRY-SANI N/A 4 cu in - 10 gal N/A 0 to 100 psi Add To Cart
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