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The AirVantage Difference

AirVantage is a new technology for Air Operated Double Diaphragm pumps that significantly reduces air consumption over conventional AODD pumps.

Benefits of AirVantage

  • Reduces Air Consumption: Field testing shows up to 50% savings over conventional AODD pumps. AirVantage Technology is available with Sandpiper® metallic pumps with discharge line sizes of 2 or greater. Sandpiper center section upgrade kits are also available.
  • Adapts to Process Conditions: Using an advanced learning program that receives velocity feedback from an embedded sensor, AirVantage optimizes energy consumption and automatically adapts to changes in system demand, constantly managing energy consumption.
  • Powered Only by Compressed Air: AirVantage uses a self-contained 12V power generator that converts a tiny portion of compressed air to power system electronics for managing energy.
  • Saves Energy while Maintaining Flow: Field trials have proven that AirVantage can maintain comparable flow capacity while reducing air consumption saving thousands of dollars in annual energy costs.
  • Increases Productivity: By using less air to operate pumps, AirVantage allows for more compressed air capacity system-wide to run more pumps generating greater productivity and better throughput.
  • Reduces Compressor Maintenance: Air compressors with reduced demand need fewer repairs, saving customers thousands of dollars in maintenance and repair parts.
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