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Non-Clog Wastewater Pumps are fitted with swing check valves and easy access clean-outs. The pumps are designed specifically for slurry and solids-laden materials. Flap valves allow passage of suspended, pipe-size solids and stringy material. Constructed of cast iron and durable epoxy coating inside and out. These SANDPlPER® pumps are designed specifically for the processing of municipal and industrial wastewater. Its solids handling capability and special features make it the ideal choice for safe, sealless pumping of waste materials. The W09 model designation indicates a wastewater unit (W) which pumps roughly 9000 gallons of water per hour(09). The W09-2 has 2" flange connections. And the W09-3 features 3" flange connections.

  • Sealless
  • Self-priming
  • Designed to easily pump abrasive, viscous slurries
  • Swing-type check valves handle spherical solids to 2"
  • Easy-access check valve clean-outs
  • In-line serviceable wet end. ESADS+Plus: Externally Serviceable Air Distribution System
  • Top suction - bottom discharge porting