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Operation and Function of Flux Pump Tubeset F425
When emptying a drum or container, the liquid which remains in the pump tubeset or hose being used with a Flux hand nozzle will always remain under the control of the operator. The pump tubeset-model F425-is equipped with an integrated back-flow stop in the lower part of the pump housing, which is operated manually by turning an adjustable lever 90 degrees to a locked position. As soon as the drum or container is completely empty and no more liquid is being discharged, the integrated back-flow stop must be closed with the motor still running. (In that way, any back-flow of the liquid is prevented and ensures that the drum or container is emptied to its maximum.)

Advantages of Flux Tubeset F425

  • Drums and containers can be emptied in vertical position up to one (1) pint and in tilted position up to 3 oz. residual quantity.
  • By closing the back-flow stop at the bottom of the tubeset, the liquid in the pump and transfer hose cannot flow back into the drum or container.
  • Pump tubeset F425 S in stainless steel has an outer diameter of only 1 19/32 in. over the total effective immersion length, F425 Pouter diameter is 2 in.
  • No loss of liquid or environmental problems with remaining liquid in drums and containers. No contamination of environment due to leaking liquid.
  • Easy to operate, easy to dismantle and service with cleaning a simple operation.